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  • Thank you Forrest

    I finally got my carbide scraper grinder made (sort of) I mounted a 6" X 1 1/2" piece of round ductile iron turned and ground to your specs, on a table saw motor. ( Amish fellow needed his saw converted from electric to a shaft and pulley system, took motor as part trade for work) Loaded it with 9 micron diamond lapping compound (green), fired it up and wow, took no time at all to put a mirror finish on my scraping tools. The difference it made in my scraping efforts was unbelievable. Took almost no effort at all to shave off those high spots and the control was ten fold. Again thanks. I'd post some pictures but I'm kinda embarrased. I used plywood for the motor base as well as the grinding fixture. I wanted to make one up with a radius attachment for the different radii, but I couldn't get any free time at work and wanted to get on with it. When I actually get some of the projects completed I'll post some pics.
    Thanks again.


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    Thanks for the laurels.

    So post the picture. Nothing wrong with Jeff Clampett technology so long as it works. Hey, it's a proof of concept mock-up. The pretty prototype comes later, right?