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Popular misconceptions about a cnc machine

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  • Popular misconceptions about a cnc machine

    (1) first off: people think it is a automatic machine, Not too true. I was drinking beer last night watching the machine run a small G81 program, drilling holes according to x,y location. (yacking on phone) turn my back for one minute (okay two) and smell something.. sure enough when I turn around the 3/8" drill bit is white hot and dissapearing as fast as the downfeed can eat it.. pretty cool.. I hit the estop... making it a manual - stop machine.

    (2) people think a cnc is really repeatable.. no, not unless the program is correct, drill bits do tend to wander and continue off course.

    (3) People think a cnc machine can copy anything by a button push, No.. it takes mucho-software and time, then that code has to be tested. OR mucho-time writing line by line a thousand line program and that program has to be tested.

    (4) CNc machines are good to replicate a program over and over under supervision. Meaning a sober attentive operator.

    I am a geek, can't help it, don't look like it but I am.. when the coolmist would not work I checked the program output logic screen, I opened the cabinet door, checked the lil light on the opto-22, it was on, checked the power going out it was on, checked the coolant level, it was up, checked the air pressure, walked around machine and drank another beer, then noticed the twist-lok was unplugged going to coolmist unit.. Drank another beer and plugged it back in and it worked just fine.. IT is the simple things first, except to a geek..

    Cheers.. David...

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    Hey David, what does the little warning label on the beer can say? Don't operate machinery or...


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      I couldn't agree with you more, CNC machines can make a job easier or get it done faster. You do need an operator with some smarts though. We had a supervisor who thought you could hire any joe off the street to push the green button, and that was it. He had to get bit about half a dozen times to figure out what was wrong. Guy sits in front of a machine all night and doesn't Q.C. one part, it get's expensive. Whole night production down the drain, end mill came out of holder about .015 total scrap. You got to have some knowledge of machining to make things go right, these are just dumb machine that do what you do or don't tell them. Mark


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        The little warning label on my can of beer says that parasitic bureaucrats ought to get productive jobs, mind their own damned business, and stop telling people what labels they have to put on their products.


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          Hi Dave,

          There is really only one problem with CNC machines...

          They go where you tell them to go. Not where you want them to go.

          My personal experience,


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            My lil dog unplugged the coolmist twistlock. He tried to do it again today. The mutt.

            I saw the mill rat I think.. I caught a glimpse of it running out from under the mill, I saw my dog paw something, then swallow something.. I wonder how that tasted? He is a pretty good dog nowadays. I just hope the rat was disease free.

            He still prefers Newcastle brown beer. I almost have to put him outside when I open one.

            CNC ran fine tonight.. again.. No problemO.. Does what it is supposed to do, supervised.



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              Yes, CNC is GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out), and requires constant attention, and supervision. I use mine to do parts I can't do on manual, or jobs I can now program and set-up faster to do on CNC.

              Even then, they do not know the difference between hard spots, can't figure out by themselves that you have to drill a hole before you tap a hole, can't figure speeds and feeds, nor do they self adjust for chatter, loose parts in a vise, or for that matter spindle direction being wrong - or not present at all when plunging a drill.

              My beer says "33" on it, or 5 cents in VT, ME.....
              CCBW, MAH


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                yeah... the pup was chewing on some shavings, not just any shavings but some from a 1 16th bit about 18"x1/2 ..
                I put him outside..

                it was cutting perfect.. I went to clean up some of the mess, them swirls were about 18" long.. Then I went to the priority care to get 3 stitches put in.. imagine, the pup was chewing on that... sliced me through my gloves. I was wearing gloves to move the black iron.. good thing too.. I'd really gotten cut...



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                  Yeah whenever i get into friendly 'work teasing' the main thing pepole come at me with is that the 'machine does all the work'.. i apparently just stand and watch it. I explain to them, that that person they're describing is a CNC operator, and basically an off the street type trained JUST at loading/unloading the part. I then explain them those machines have to be Programed and set up and they don't 'just do it themselves'. BUT i don't even use cnc machines, i use manual machines... Ah well trying to explain to people what machining is unless theyve seen it is hard to do... 9 times out of 10 i just get blank stares and 'oh, so you work in a factory..'