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OT: Costco canopy replacement cover?

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  • OT: Costco canopy replacement cover?

    I have a 10x20' canopy, the kind with side and end tarps that go down nearly to ground level. Mine is just outside my shop door and I do a lot of storage under it and also work under it sometimes. The Seattle area recently had a large windstorm and my top tarp (the roof) disintegrated and now I need a replacement.

    The last time I needed a replacement I bought the first one I could find online. The price was reasonable, but it only lasted 18 months despite being "100% UV treated". Googling, I see several vendors offering replacement tops anywhere from about $40 up to about $90. The ones that bother listing any specifications at all say 6 oz. per square yard polyethylene with aluminum grommets every 18", UV treated. None of them gives an estimated lifetime and for sure none of them even hint at a warranty.

    I can't figure out which ones are good and which ones aren't. The original that came from Costco lasted about 7 years.


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    Buy the cheap one. If that goes too fast, buy the expensive one next. If that goes too fast, go back to the cheap ones.


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      I use the silver tarps and have had great luck getting 5-6 years out of them.


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        Check the Menards web site as the had the replacements for sale in their stores. Also check tractor supply web site
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          I throw a silver tap over the top of the junk tents. Lasts a few years and when that goes, throw over another. I have 3 (or maybe 4?) on my old wood pile tent now. $40-90? Probably the same thing tent... just a different price.

          Or... You can buy an aluminum roofed 10x20 for $795..
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            silver tarp over has been working for me for about eight years , sadly this year have to finally replace top. Northern tool has them don't know about quality but price is not that bad .


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              Check out Farmtek............ I bought a replacement for my canopy. Some of their tarps have a 15 year warranty. They will also custom make them.




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                Buy one from McMaster. Their stuff is usually good quality.
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                  Originally posted by Paul Alciatore View Post
                  Buy one from McMaster. Their stuff is usually good quality.
                  Hmm. Didn't see one. Got a link?


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                    I get my greenhouse supplies and equipment from FarmTeK. The greenhouse cover was warranted for 3 years, lasted 6.

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