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    This reminds me of the abstinence-only sex education currently in favor among the repressed.

    They've proposed extending the same techniques
    to Driver's Ed - The students spend the entire time being told to wait with driving until later - and once they're considered old enough, they're expected to learn to drive on their own.

    - Bart
    Bart Smaalders


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      You guys are pushing it, big time! As far as the "for the educators among us" I come from a long line of teachers. I developed the computer Curriculum for the local community college and taught the classes for four years, back in the early eighties.

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        Well.... 3 phase might be too complicated for some people. They will have to stick with 2 phase. They also learn to drive.....



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          Hey, Drinking at 16, driving at 18. Sex ed when it is understandable, including the unsavory results such as STDs, kidlets, emotional potentials, such on and so forth.

          It is not just enough to teach the mechanics, it is also important to teach the responsibilities, and the sometimes unsavory after effects to the youngsters.

          Yes, the educators among us, I be one. We too often want our education system to be full of the "warm fuzzies" and the straight unemotional facts when this is convient - such as Sex ed and drivers ed for that matter- hides the dark sides, or even the joyful sides. Just the facts.

          My best drivers ed lesson when growing up was not the one taught in school, but rather a friend of mine four months older who within one month of getting his dear "entitlement" of age drove his motorcycle in front of a train. He survived, but was in a wheel chair - could not talk, could not eat on his own, and had a bag to whiz in. What a life for a 16 year old who had the world by the short ones as an engineering "co-op" student for Hewlett Packard. His mind trapped.

          However, on the converse side, my father taught me how to race cars - in a controlled environment, and also how to drive rather defensively - he was a former PD officer who taught driving there as well. I love my driving today, but do it safely and teach my kids properly.

          My best sex ed lesson was watching the horror or two of my friends who just could not figure out how to make time for birth control. They would constantly be "on the edge" for a couple of weeks each month - until one day they fell over the edge. Nothing like watching a 16 year old try to come to grips with a diaper change and a life of now having to scrape it by.....Many do not get trapped by this occurance, but they are the sad exception.....

          Nor one of my better friends from youth, whom wasted away with AIDS from a starting fullback to a wisp of a person.

          However, also the joys when done right explained - in both sex ed and driving..., it is not all gloom and doom.

          Drinking at 16? The best way to promote youthful drinking, and dare I say smoking is to put age limits on them, thus making them a rebellion rather than a normal occurance to be "humdrum" when all is said and done. I watched as the drinking age went from 18 to 21 in my states I live in, watched as smoking got an 18 age limit, and watched in my school as drinking and smoking increased by the power of 3 because it was now "cool".

          So why this on a machining board? Heck, bottom line is this, we are among friends who share a common bond of machining, great craftsmanship, and dare I say, some common sense. We also feel comfortable here at times. Now and then, even those in any profession break away to finds out more about each other.

          Back to making my air turbine water pump....

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          CCBW, MAH


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            So Evan, are you gonna tell us your personal journey from community college instructing to CNC-ing dildos or not?

            With all the politicians out there looking for work in Canada, you'd think the dildo market would be saturated...


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              The really sad part about this thread is that the husband was a machinist.



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                Maybe they were just waiting for the swelling to go down.
                Jim W.