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  • micro mill-drill owners out there

    Up till now Iv'e been doing all my milling operations with the drill chuck that came with my HF micro mill drill, but now I'm making tooling to use my rotary table and lathe chuck to hold work pieces and I'm running out of Z axis room, I think if I can take the chuck off and use a collet for end mills I might have enough room, however how do you take this chuck off, can it be taken off, or is it permanently fixed with this particular mill, is this model #47158, able to have the chuck changed to a collet, for holding endmills?

    Thanks in advance,
    but I need advice from someone who has this particular model, so I know what to expect with my mill drill.

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    I have this mill, the drill chuck is a standard MT2 affair. Take off the cap on top, loosen the Draw bar, and take a dead blow plastic hammer or lead or brass or what ever hammer and hit the drawbar until the Chucks arbor loosens. THen unscrew the drawbar all the way as the arbor falls out.
    I use MT2 collets to hold all my end mills in mine.


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