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Mill reverse switch question?

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  • Mill reverse switch question?

    Hello Group,
    As some of you may know I''m getting my RPC power going and my mill running. My question is what is reverse used for when using a mill other then tapping?
    The drum switch was broken when I got the machine and I have wired it to a rated on/off switch but not reverse capable, yet the motor is, as the dead drum switch and motor were wired for this task. I can put together a forward reverse switch from a lead lag contactor set I have but I will need to get proper voltage coils for the contactors first.

    P.S. Got some more cap's ordered so this weekend I will try and balance the CURRENT of the RPC to the lathe which has the larger motor @ 5HP.

    Look forward to your responses.

    Mr fixit for the family

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    Other than tapping...when you use a left hand drill to aid in removing a busted threaded fastener.



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      When you run left hand end-mills - I have hundreds of them.


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        I suppose you can fly cut any direction you fancy, depends which way the tip is ground or fitted?
        Did see a 6" face mill run the wrong way once!, lovely finish mate shame about the tips lol


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          Bridgeport? Spindle turns the opposite direction when in low range so you need to run in reverse to run spindle in the forward direction... Also you can run slitting saws in either direction, left hand drills, left hand end mills, and fly cut in reverse or run your boring head in opposite direction... The possibilities are endless.


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            Ohio Mike,
            I have a Asian Bridgeport clone used but new to me, and have not run it yet. Can you tell from physical parts,levers,etc., if it needs the reverse for low range, or will I just have to get it running to find out?

            TX for the Info.
            Mr fixit for the family


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              Oh... it certainly needs "reverse" for the low range... On BP and clones the high and low ranges reverse the spindle.


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                OK. I will be ordering new coils for the lead lag contactors that I have so I can control it with a on off switch for the contactor coils.

                TX lakeside53



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                  In case you don't know... you only have to switch any two leads of three phase to change direction.


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                    The other use is to run the boring bar in reverse in order to true up the OUTSIDE of a cylinder. You can do the outside of the cylinder by using a left hand boring bar instead of reversing the motor.

                    At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.

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