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    Content deleted after considering Evan's reply.

    I'll refrain from doing it from now on, too.

    Thanks for the explanation.


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    That is known a "deep linking". If you link in that manner to another website then you have no control over what may show up. Deep linking is highly frowned upon as it steals bandwidth from the source server and webmasters, including myself have been known to change content because of it. This especially applies to forums since the number of hits can be very high. In one case a forum user (Not here!) deep linked to a picture of a squirrel on one of my websites. He was using it as his avatar (a pic displayed with every post) on the forum and didn't have the decency to just steal the picture. Instead he not only stole it but was racking up a lot of hits against my bandwith budget since it was a good sized pic that was resized by the forum software after being loaded. He got a pretty good razzing by all his friends when his avatar pic changed into a very nice looking set of buns wearing a T back. That included all of his old posts, too.
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      Ahhhhhh.......learn something everyday,Thanks!
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        I hope it wasn't you in the T-back Evan.



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          Ok, I missed the original, but I have heard the term before.

          Anyone care to explain the "deep link" to the barbarians?

          As I have had it explained to me once, it sounded as if it basically covered any link past the home page of a site.

          Of course, avoiding it under that definition means you have to just point at the website, and basically say "its in there, boys, go ahead and find it".

          Not very helpful, I fix the problem by just moving on and never bothering to look at whatever it is.
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            This type of "Deep linking" is linking directly to an item on a web page such as a pic or graphic. It means the web page is never displayed nor is any reference or attribution. It also is considered a violation of copyright and is illegal under a recent court decision.

            "In 2002, a federal court of appeals ruled that an image search engine violated copyright law when it used inline links to reproduce full-size photographic images. Smaller inlined "thumbnail" reproductions were permitted, however, based on fair use principles. Kelly v. Arriba Software, 280 F.3d 934 (9th Cir. 2002)."

            More here, see the section on "inlining":

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