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grizzly does not make my switch any more how do I fixe this

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  • grizzly does not make my switch any more how do I fixe this

    I have a grizzly G3617 milling machine that they do not make any more and the p3616613 ( part number) switch is no more, on there web page n/a is what I get. So how do I fix this it is a forward/revers switch 220v can I put some thing else in there or on the out side, I did this 3 years ago and replaced it from grizzly took the old one apart and it look like the contacts where fried looks like screwed up and should have got a spare , thanks

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    If the proper switch isn't available then you have to get a similarly operating switch and wire it in, probably at a different position.
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      could I use this and do you think it is a have duty one Brett


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        Using the manual at I don't see that part number. You might get lucky if one of the other part numbers on page 65 matches your design. I'm thinking that P3616618 (ref# 618 on part diagram) may be the replacement. I'd call grizzly to see what they have.

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          If the first one failed with "fried" contacts and the replacement also has failed, there was probably a design flaw. If you have a wiring diagram it should be easy enough to figure out how to connect a new switch of better quality that should last a long time. Here is the manual:

          Page 50 shows the wiring for your machine. It looks like a 6 pole switch that uses 4 poles to connect the 220 VAC to the main winding, and two poles to connect the third leg to one side or the other (L1 or L2) for direction control.

          Here are some drum switches that should work:

          Wiring diagram (the "split phase" should work):

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            Well I can't be sure since I haven't seen what you have but based on what I can decipher in the PDF you probably need what is know as a panel switch. Hole sizes are standard fair in metric sizes 12mm to 22mm in size.
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              Brett: They have a wonderful tech service as I bought a 3616 from a Denver division of GE now defunct too but they had cut the wires in multiple places so I could not figure out how to rewire it. They (tech serv) sent me newer wiring schematics w/ no charge. also could not get the table stops so I made my own, also needed a part for the table drive and it was obsolete and this machine is only 6 yrs old! Try contacting tech service and then go as big as you can find or get in it , its a good machine but I sure think Grizzly sucks on obsolete issue!


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                so on the wiring part the old switch has 5 black wires and 2 red ones so if I use a Dayton - 2X441, 4UYF1, 4UYE8 well that work. The bad news is this caned of stuff iam a poo poo head on wiring well have to get some one to help me . { can install it but the wiring Iam lost. Two years ago I got the other one in for a glass of wine a friend of mine but he was a navel election


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                  ps the switch has a hole bunch of jumper wires on it


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                    did you call grizzly and talk to the service department? They may have a new part number that drops in.


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                      I called them today and they have one that well fit and ordered it but I would like to use a Dayton RS-1-SH
                      Steel Handle one do you think it well fit. The plastic one grizzly well send, me could the Daton be wired in to work and it looks better built