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  • reversible motors

    I am looking into adapting one of the three
    defunct, (but with good motors), garage door openers I have as a head lift motor on an old 3n1 and when I scrutinized the innards all three had 120vac 1ph 5amp motors with a capacitor
    about 60mfd hanging off. There were two leads for the cap and two for the ac to the motor. How do these things reverse? All openers
    have a set of leads to a spst push button
    that successively starts motor one way, stops motor, starts it the other way and stops on each successive push. I will probably use
    the chain drive opener and an old bicycle sprocket.
    I did try running 110vac to the motor leads
    and it didn't like that but let smoke only
    out of the plug. When I wired it 'properly'
    through the logic board it ran fine. Steve

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    Usually a third motor wire where one wire from the cap goes. The other cap wire is put to either ac wire on the motor, depending on wanted direction of rotation. Don't take this as gospel, since I'm sure they don't all work this way.

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