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OT Anyone remember Capsela

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    Never heard of Capsela either, but did have one Meccano set, wore the pieces out.Lol


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      Never heard of Capsela,but had meccano set when I was a kid and a old set of my dads both got chucked when we got back from summer holidays and basement was flooded,had rusted in short period of time!


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        My first blocks were brought home from the UAL modification center at Cheyenne, Wyo. My grandfather worked at the B-17 modification center and brought home throw aways of oak (about 1 by 2 by 8 inches), micarta blocks about 1/2 by 1 by 4or so, and smaller micarta like ones about 1/4 by 3/4 by 3.5. These last blocks were black and had the label "BOMB FUSE" These were used in combination to build all kinds of structures by all the kids in the neighborhood.

        Later we had pre lego blocks made of wood paste with interlocking pegs pushed out the top of the block and holes left in the bottom as a result of this shaping. They were hard to put together, hard to get apart, but allowed building of architectural models. Sears sold them.

        Later on, we had Erector sets and Lionel trains to stimulate our creative processes.


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          Speaking of pre-lego systems, does anyone remember "Block City?" I had a set of these back in the 50's, white plastic blocks, with various corner and roof edge pieces, and an assortment of windows and doors and cardboard for the roofs. It was specifically for building construction, and a basic set would build only a small building, but it was nicely put together. Like many such systems, though, it was designed so that once you started you'd find it difficult to do much without buying more.