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OT: seeking some ebay paypal advice

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  • OT: seeking some ebay paypal advice

    I am waiting for a package that I fear may not arrive.

    Bought a set of electrical contactor coils off e-bay on Nov 21 and via paypal using their pay as a guest service, paid on the same day… It was as a "buy it now" with a fixed amount for USPS priority mail shipping.

    E-bay estimated Nov 26 delivery. On Nov 28 I sent the seller an e-mail inquiring about when it was shipped. Seller responded on the 29th that item was shipped on the 24th. Shipping route is from Connecticut to a SE Michigan PO box.

    It was not in my mail box late afternoon today Dec 1, 2014.

    Other than not having the parts yet, the only things that seem off are the fact the seller did not completed any feedback for me once he shipped, and there is no usps tracking number in the system.

    Seller has over 150 feedbacks all 100% good.
    My 11 feedbacks are also 100% good.

    Obviously I plan to re contact the seller.

    If all goes haywire I’m out less than US$40 but will have a bad taste for ebay.

    Not being a registered paypal member am I out of luck?
    Can a seller tell when they receive payment through paypal from a guest?

    Any advice from the forum here?

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    My experience is that it has become common for
    sellers to postpone feedback until after the buyer
    has posted their's.

    That the seller replied to your post-purch inquiry
    is a positive sign. With 150 sales and 100%
    feedback, it seems a stretch that all the sudden
    this effort would be thrown away by stiffing you
    for a pair of <$40 contactors.

    Writing again to advise the seller of continued
    non-appearance doesn't seem out of order and
    you can request the USPS tracking number from
    his receipt.

    The seller receives an email notification of payment
    from a registered buyer, I imagine the same holds
    for a guest. If seller and buyer circumvent eBay &
    PayPal and things go bad for either party, then bets
    are off. However, my vote is that a guest who pays
    via PP is still going to see the same kind of support
    as a registered party.



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      Your covered & can request the sellers contact info thru Ebay. I can PM paypal # if you need it. If he doesn't provide proof of delivery paypal will refund you. He probablly sent it but may be lost in the mail. If you paid with a CC you can dispute the charge & again he has to prove delivery. If I can help please let me know.


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        Just file a claim THROUGH EBAY's system. - "item not received" . Done... If the seller can't prove it was delivered to your mail box, you get you money back. Don't do this though any other email etc... Ebay has a system set up to contact the seller. Very simple and it all works fine.


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          Sounds like you're jumping the gun a bit, especially given the holiday that was in there. Give it another few days.


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            Originally posted by Punkinhead View Post
            Sounds like you're jumping the gun a bit, especially given the holiday that was in there. Give it another few days.
            Just my mind jumping all over the place as I've been laid up with a bad cold since Friday. Not wating to jump the gun is why I posted here. There's been bad weather out this way too. I'll give it a few more days and then ask the seller to track it from his end. Possibly its here but sitting in the wrong box too.


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              Inquire of the seller if there is a tracking number, and confirm correct shipping address. Otherwise give it a few days more. As stated, you are covered for a refund thru ebay.

              Appearance is Everything...


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                Here's my input... USPS Priority mail now includes a tracking number, tracking way-points, & $50 insurance coverage included in the shipping fee. So, when postage was purchased, a tracking number was issued, and he would have received a receipt with that tracking number.

                I know this because I sell some of my wooden stuff on Etsy, and I ship USPS Priority Mail.

                He could have purchased postage online and received a tracking number, and may not have actually mailed it yet. I'd ask him for the tracking number. With his 100% rating, and you using Paypal, I wouldn't be too concerned at this point.



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                  With the holiday your shipment was probably just delayed and it will likely arrive soon.

                  Two points about E-Bay/PayPal.

                  One: ALWAYS, ALWAYS pay with a credit card. Not a debit from your bank account like PayPal wants you to do. NOT with a debit card. A CREDIT CARD! This gives you a whole additional layer of protection that you can invoke after you go through E-Bay and/or PayPal's process. USE A CREDIT CARD to fund the PayPal purchase. ALWAYS!!!!!

                  Two: Do not wait too long to report the lack of delivery to E-Bay/PayPal. They will probably strictly enforce any time limit that they have on such complaints. Give it a few more days and then report it using their system.
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                    Ebay and Paypal work in the buyers favour, make a claim before 42 days have elapsed and you will get your money back.
                    I have no fear in buying on Ebay, I am very worried about selling.


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                      I bought something on 19th, just found the note from the postman saying I owe 2 quid on the postage sice they didn't put enough on, and they certainly charged plenty on the account. So now I have to pay out and trudge off to the post office to get it too.


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                        Always more to the story.

                        The contactor coils arrived somewhere in the 12/2 to 12/5 time frame. Condition as advertised securely packed.

                        Though I asked, I never received a tracking number. As the parts were listed, Connecticut was the ship from place. I was extremely surprised to find an air post box from Alberta Canada containing the coils. This explains the lack of tracking number and longer than predicted shipping time. Not really a big deal to me, a heads up would have been nice though.

                        Thanks to the forum for all the e-bay pay pal advise.


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                          It is a deception for an ebay seller to say it comes from the US when it is actually international. We all often make purchase and vendor decsions based on the transit time. I avoid international shippers whenever possible because a return simply is not practical. Also, international sales are often covered by foreigh laws, etc.

                          There is also the potential for extreme time variability, if something gets hung up by customs. Also, I once bought a piece of audio gear from England. Months later I received a bill from fedex for a tariff. It was a significant amount. I ultimately dug into a bunch of regulations - hundreds of pages and determined that thie item was likely not covered by that tariff. Though it was comlicated and not clear, and I felt I risked significant exposure if my determination was later found to be incorrect. To me that is real risk. So I sent my appeal to fedex and then had to wait a couple weeks for them to respond, etc. That was the case of a unique product that had no other source, so I was okay with the surprise. But for commodities? I would never want the hassle.

                          The domestic vs. international is actually a pretty serious deception and not something that I could be convinced happened as chance. Further, the seller had the option to come clean with you and they seem to have doubled down - that made it a lie, in my book. That risks taking what could be a neutral rating to a negative.

                          In addition to the basic feedback of ebay there is a system of "stars" for promptness of shipping, description matching item, etc. Some of those star ratings are automatic. If the seller enters the tracking info, then ebay uses that to determine the ship date. The system then automatically looks at the promised shipping time from the listing (sometimes it is 24 hours, other times it is a week, etc), if the buyer appeared to meet that obligation then they get their max stars for that metric.

                          Be advised that sellers can no longer leave ratings for buyers. That has good and bad points. Sellers were using it to penalize buyers who had legitimate issues, etc.


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                            More than once, bought item via eBay and allowed asap that payment is in the USmail, as in United States Postal Service Money Order. I was always taught to not monkey with the USPS, cause hell has no fury like a USPS Postal Inspector. Here's hoping anyone selling to me, has the same larnin.

                            No problemo, so far.


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                              Due to the holidays USPS/etc is all screwed up. Just wait for like 20 days before asking seller about it or doing a paypal claim.

                              Stuff I have ordered:
                              Nov 26: Arrived Dec 7th, Sunday (USA)
                              Nov 19: Not arrived, 1 from USA (ETA dec 4th at latest, didn't even get TO customs till today according to tracking), 1 from UK (eta dec 4th at latest), 3 from china
                              Nov 18: Arrived Nov 30th, Sunday (USA)

                              I didn't even know USPS delivered on Sundays.
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