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MW (Vol27, No6) - Mini Bench Shear by R. Ballantine & Other Subjects

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  • MW (Vol27, No6) - Mini Bench Shear by R. Ballantine & Other Subjects

    A post to compliment Ronald Ballentine for his article about adapting
    the jaws from a pair of WISS 9-1/4" Metalmaster Offset Snips (#M7R)
    for use in an HSM-built benchtop throatless shear. The article appears
    in the Dec/14-Jan/15 issue of Machinist's Workshop.

    While WISS rates the capacity of the M7R snips as 18ga, they live
    longer on lighter guage material. When I work with sheet metal, it
    is typically 24ga or thinner, the WISS tools are really in their element
    on this material. While hand cutting effort is easy enough, I foresee
    a benefit in added control from having the blades bench mounted.
    I do not think the author mentions it, but I believe that the HSM
    -built base will likely accept several if not all of the other styles of
    jaws that WISS offers in their Metalmaster series.

    Great idea, Mr Ballentine. Thanks for selecting the article for
    publication, Mr Bulliss.

    Also enjoyed the other articles in this issue. If you don't receive
    Machinist's Workshop by subscription, go pick it up at the news

    One quibble: the cover layout. My optometrist advised me to
    wear dark glasses for several days and says that vision ought
    to return to normal.