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"At what point is the bronze applyed to bronze clad die bars?"

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  • "At what point is the bronze applyed to bronze clad die bars?"

    At some point in cladding 80+ lbs of phosphorBronxe filler,
    I discovered that {with a little patience} I can clad 3/16" thick with ease
    and keep the steel below the "run of the rainbow" not even a hint of straw!!

    I need to find out if a finnished die-bar or a pair of A-hooks is clad, [post draw]?
    Or between the quench and the draw. Or even pre-quench-'unlikely'

    I'm not even certian that die separating bars are fully formed; then heat-treated.
    Or heat treated to a point, and then formed, or partially cold~formed to bring in the
    perfect hardness / springness at the crucial points in the bends.

    At any rate the bronze has to either go on ahead of the draw,
    or be done at a rate where the steel doz not reach the draw temporature at any time.
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    Always thought it was sprayed on or mig applied in spray mode myself


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      WHAT is a bronze clad die bar? Or what is just a die bar?

      A web search does not return any reference to this term except for this discussion. There must be a more correct description.
      Paul A.

      Make it fit.
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        Die separating bars............

        No it's tigged on, or maybe O/A long ago


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          The bars used to separate the extrusion die from it's spreader or backer and bolster were done in a lathe with a mig running silicon bronze wire where I once worked, didn't want to damage some very expensive tooling, the large dies for a 2500 ton press were 230 mm diameter flat, port hole hollow, and spider so beryllium copper chisels and wedges were used to separate the individual components for cleaning an polishing or correcting if it was a new die, the bars there were straight only though.
          I suppose tiging it on or using a torch does the same job, however they discovered that you can get anti spark beryllium copper crowbars off the shelf so started buying them instead, expensive but still cheaper than making one in terms of time, I did have a set of them. Hammer, wedges, Allen keys and so on until the movers emptied my shop while I was asleep, I still don't know where I'm moving too!
          Bit of a specialised thing though , most folk don't get a lot to do with press tools, dies and so on

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            Easy on the Red Bull. Mark.
            that's too much energy in one post.
            But fun for sure.

            Tig'n the Phozz is just so damn fun.
            I'm almost hopen' the mig-line is still down on the next order.

            ps G'nite.


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              Don't like spoiling vodka with red bull, it's got taurine in it too, thickens blood like flour in gravy!


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                Those little bomb-shot cups are handy for boiler makers.
                Whiskey in the middle, beer in the ring. Gives a perfect blended out-put
                right at the point of going down.

                Like drawing good coffee across a tounge full of Dark chocolate Hearshey's kisses.
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