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Sort of Off Topic ... but tool related; Anyone have any experience with Mitre Trimmer

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  • Sort of Off Topic ... but tool related; Anyone have any experience with Mitre Trimmer


    My wife wants a mitre trimmer so that we can repair picture frames that she gets at yard sales, goodwill, etc, for her art.

    I see that both Rockler and Grizzly have them; presumably they are from the PRC and of PRC quality.
    There also are these folks: who claim theirs is made in the USA (and, in trading some email with them, it might be that it's one machinist in his basement, machining up the castings he sources from some foundry ... always worth supporting folks like that!)

    The Rockler one is something like $275, the Grizzly is less than $200, and the US made one is $575 (all more-or-less).

    I'd like to not spend the extra $300, if I don't have to, but will if it's worth it.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of them?


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    It looks like one of the more useless items ever invented.


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      The Lion trimmers have been around for many, many years. It may be that they are currently manufactured by someone in his basement , but it wasn't always that way.

      The same concept is used in picture framing shops, only theirs usually cost in the thousands.

      I tried one of the expensive professional versions once, they work surprisingly well.


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        I have the Lion trimmer. It's good for picture framing as well as trim carpentry. It's alot quieter than a power miter saw and you can get your face right up close to the work. Smoothness of cut is very dependent on material. Something like mahogany will cut nicely while cheap knotty pine will cut like the crap it is. If you take too big a bite, or the blades are dull, the material will tend to walk towards the blade. You can hog off alot, but it's not the best use of the tool, thin cuts up to your line are the best way to get the results you want. I don't use it very often, so my experience is that of an occasional user.

        Be careful carrying it.

        Appearance is Everything...


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          I have a no name knock-off Lion Trimmer. I put good blades from Lee Valley Tools on it and it does great. I have used it for picture frames and many types of trim. I found it better to take small shaving cuts. Generally pleased with the results because I can adjust the angles as necessary. It certainly does picture frames well.



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            Originally posted by Doozer View Post
            It looks like one of the more useless items ever invented.
            It's not. Every good framing shop has one.


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              I have a lion trimmer, one of the blades is missing but when sharp it's a nice cut, I find it handy for chamfering too, wonder if you can get blades


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                Another possibility... depending on the max size of your frame stock, make her shooting board for one of these. Get a PM-V11 blade and seldom have to resharpen it :

                VeritasĀ® Shooting Plane