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    I acquired a box of miscellaneous machinist tools and materials. Included were an assortment of Cratex style abrasive sticks. There are about a dozen in various shapes and sizes. They are all an off white color. It would be nice to know what grit they are (e.g. coarse, medium, fine). They don't seem to be color coded (I already found that info on the Cratex website). Is there some simple way to determine what grit category each one is? I thought maybe getting a piece of clear plexiglass and comparing the resulting scratches between the various sticks. Also any suggestions on applications for these related to metalworking/machining? I assumed they are mainly used for final polishing in hard to reach recesses, holes, etc.

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    Those are used a lot in injection mold polishing, although there are dozens of other uses they are good for. I have only seen the reddish brown ones.


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      So how do you use them? I got a few in a toolbox I bought. White ones and Reddish brown ones.


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        Gesswien or whatever the spelling is make a white one they have something like EDM on them, I swear by them myself, bought a bunch last time I was over the pond



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          We used them in a motor repair shop that I worked in years ago to seat new brushes on freshly turned commutators and slip rings. We would just lightly drag the stick on the copper ahead of the brush while the motor was running on the bench. The sparks would go away within a few seconds and the brush would be conformed to the diameter it was riding on.

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