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    I have a project which requires small plastic bevel or crown gears. I'm looking for ones in the 1.25" - 2" (30mm - 50mm) diameter range. I've done Google searches, eBay searches, which have yielded gears which are in 1/2"- 3/4" diameter range or ones which can be special orders for $50 each. I'd like to find ones which are cheap ($1) range and would appreciate if anyone who would happen to know of a place where I could get them. Thanks.

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    Not sure how much force the "small plastic" gears will need to stand up to but since they are "small" and "plastic" I do have one suggestion: LEGO. LEGO Technic has a lot of small plastic gear parts including some crown gears. Another "toy" that may have useable parts: Kinex.
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      Last year's printers, from the recycle center, neighbor's trash or yard sale.
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        Try McMaster Carr, they carry a good selection of plastic gears. Bob.


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          Maybe form your own gears?

          Just press the steel gear against the spinning plastic blank and friction will soften the plastic enough to for the teeth.


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            Google Stock Drive Products


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              Also check They have a wide assortment of gears in your price range. Also maybe consider getting plastic pulleys for timing belts, and reshape the cogs to correct gear tooth form.
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