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OT: new window glass in my house...compared to old glass....

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  • OT: new window glass in my house...compared to old glass....

    Old home, 90 years old with some original windows, or if not original at least old glass because it has ripples in it.

    My wife contends the new double pane, insulated windows can't be cleaned as well as the old glass. She says things like "those new windows are plastic". They aren't plastic for sure, but she may have a point. It does look like the new windows don't polish up like the old glass.

    They seem to have a film left on them from the window cleaner. The woman she recently hired to clean the windows uses Windex. Maybe it's the Windex that's the problem, my wife always used ammonia and water.

    Anyway, the question is, is old glass better than new? My wife is positive the new glass is inferior quality.

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    Balled up newspaper and vinegar works very well and has done for years - no need to buy speciality products. Polish up with more balled up newspaper without the condiments !


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      Is she using a cloth to wipe the windows? I've found that ANY cloth leaves a film. Paper towels or other paper products work better, and you've got to keep changing them out as you go.
      Southwest Utah


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        Which version of Windex?

        Classic (blue fluid) works better for me and
        more time passes before streaks begin to
        appear between cleaning.

        For exterior use, warmish water with a SMALL
        amount of Sunlight dish detergent, a sponge
        and a squeege is my formula for satisfaction.



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          News paper as stated above. Or napkins that are NOT bleached or colored. Taco bell napkins work perfect. Or in the grocery store get bonami soap and follow directions.


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            Ask a window washer what he/she uses, I did and only use Dawn detergent and water AND a squeegee ! A good quality squeegee will leave no film, and it's far faster as well. I can clean both door walls in and out in 15 min. Bob.


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              There are tricks to cleaning windows. I have one new picture window that I get so clean you can't tell it's there. I've hit my head on it more than once trying to lean outside for a better look at something.

              My windows had a warning on them not to use ammonia. So I use some kind of eco-friendly, non-ammonia concentrate cleaner. At first I had problems. Then I started using bottled water in the mix rather than tap water. The trick is to do one real wet wipe down with a paper towel and then to follow it up quickly with a dry paper towel before the glass cleaner evaporates. The glass will squeak and give some resistance when clean. Then the dog sneezes on it and you start over.


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                I had the same issue a while ago, determined it to be an anti glare or UV coating. Switched to paper and an ammonia/water solution is what I started using.
                I moved my window washing schedule to Thursday, when the 'shop and save' flyer comes in the mail....


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                  Some glass now comes with a coating where dirt can be hosed off avoiding ladders. I'd check with the mfg & use what they suggest to clean them as it sounds like a coating of some kind.


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                    A lot of new windows are self cleaning, there is a thin layer of titanium oxide on the outside that reacts with UV light to help keep the windows clean. That might be what you are running into. There are also low emissivity coating that help keep heat in or out. Check with the manufacturer on cleaning recommendations. Using the wrong stuff could invalidate your warranty.


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                      Personally I would let windows get dirty but my wife does not agree. We have lots of high outside windows. So far the best I have found for the outside is a mix of water, detergent, and a little of the dishwasher additive used to remove spots. A quick wash with a sponge on a pole followed by hosing them off with a sprayer attachment on the hose then leave them to dry seems to work to at least a 98% good enough. You have to ignore the couple of spots you see when you first finish hosing off. They almost always disappear when fully dry. Clearly I have low standards when it comes to window washing but you can't beat the minute or so per window it takes and the result is actually pretty good. Google will quickly show this was not my idea.



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                        Thanks for all the replies.

                        Obviously some of you do the window washing around your homes.

                        The lady who has been washing the windows uses Windex with what look like old towels. That may be one problem.

                        Thinking about it, when ordering these windows from HD I recall something about a coating. I'll have to check with the manufacturer to verify and see what they recommend for cleaning.

                        A side story here. Ordering the windows from HD was an adventure. Initial quote was just over $7K. Repeated screw ups and delays in ordering by HD yielded me a 10% discount each time. Apparently that's standard practice, if they screw up they make it right by knocking 10% off. Final price was under $5K.


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                          You guys evidently missed, SQUEEGEES ! When did you ever see a pro with paper towels or newspapers? Bob.


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                            Originally posted by Bob Fisher View Post
                            You guys evidently missed, SQUEEGEES ! When did you ever see a pro with paper towels or newspapers? Bob.
                            Fine unless you want to avoid the bottom end runoff.
                            Southwest Utah


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                              I agree, new windows have a greasy slimy stuff on them, I tried all sorts, truthfully the best result was a hot wash with a bit of arm and hammer borax, but it took quite a few goes to get the greasy surface squeaky clean, I'm thinking it's some kind of coating, perhaps to mask scuff marks on the glass?