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    Someone asked me to build them a book case made to look like a tardis, the Dr Who booth. I got a little creative and decided to build in a warp drive, complete with multi-color leds. I have a box full of old tv tubes, so I pulled some out and picked ones that looked kind of zoomy with an led shining up through the bottom. The warp drive will have two tubes end to end with an led deck connecting them, then some kind of support structure that looks cool also. I have some of these leds on hand, so I tested a few to make sure they were good.

    Then I get the idea to wire an ordinary speaker in series with the power to the led. These leds go through a few different patterns automatically, so I thought there might be a sound I could hear. Sure enough, one of the patterns produces an eerie type of sound, and the other patterns produce a sort of ticking, static-like type of sound. Wire two in parallel and you get a quite realistic spacey kind of sound effect.

    I once worked at a place where factory reject and return product appliances of all types came in by the truckload, including big screen tvs. I scrapped dozens of flat screens, and saved the speakers from some of them. Many of those are surprisingly small and flat for the sound they are capable of putting out. I can hide one of these speakers within the thickness of one shelf, so that's the plan there.

    I'm not trying to duplicate the inside of a tardis by any means, especially to any degree of faithfulness to any of the themes. But I did want it to be kind of spacey inside. The warp drive fits between two shelves, the lower of which is kind of a desk top. There will be mirror surrounding this 'cavity', which I suppose could be called the engine room. A pair of AAs will fit into a holder under the desk top, and the only real control will be a means of turning on a mosfet by passing a finger across a plastic strip- hopefully generating enough of a static charge to bring the mosfet gate voltage up past the turn-on point. Something like that anyway.

    Now you know what I've been busy with the past few days. Now I need to find a cool looking structural beam kind of thing to make the support structure for the warp engine. I did find a ceramic tile trim strip which is anodized aluminum, with triangular shaped holes in the wide edge- that looks kind of cool, like a beam of sorts. I found a satin titanium finish which looks interesting-
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    You will be able to tell if successful when your friend disappears


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      I had to Goodgle tardis and Dr. Who to find out what you were trying to build. I had never heard of Dr. Who. I thought it was a rock band but that was The Who I guess.

      For all of you that also don't know what it is all about here is the link I read.
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        If you make it, they will come.


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          When aliens start attacking, we'll know who to blame.

          Then again, without pictures, it didn't happen.

          More tools than sense.


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            The aliens will still know it happened!


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              I've found that the best way to make things bigger on the inside is to use galvanized unobtanium for the snogbamf struts.

              YMMV, of course.


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                Good thing you are not going to do the insides. Don't know how you would fit all that in the small phone booth with out the Doctors help! Hope you will post a pic when you get done and before the Tardis disappears!

                Mentally confused and prone to wandering!


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                  I don't know what a tardis is, but what you want to build sounds a lot like steampunk.
                  I am highly suspect.



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                    I will post some pics. Projects like this have a way of coming together fairly quickly after a lengthy development process. I now have almost all the insides done, with hidden speakers, and just need to complete the warp engines. A few more cosmetic parts on the outside and it's ready for paint. Tonite I'm either working on the warp engines or making a stencil so I can paint POLICE public call BOX on them. One of these will have a cat bed on the top, probably just a piece of that funky 1/2 inch foam underlay over which they can put a cat blanket or whatever.

                    Been burning some midnight oil on these so they'll be done in time.
                    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-