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  • Blended radius

    How do they machine drill bushing so that it has blended radius? Is it the honing operation with tiny carbide balls that create this?

    I should quality this question by stating that my catalog shows "blended radius" not as the chamfer on the top part of the drilling bushing but rather as varying internal radius along the inside.

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    Nice to see you back. (of course you could've been back for a while, I've been busy. Hope the family is doing better.)

    Could they use a contoured reamer or cast/sinter it in place. Maybe CNC'd. Who's the manufacturer, they might have some of that info on their website. Some have some really cool production info and photos.



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      Not sure what you mean. Do you have a picture?
      Ball sizing and honing are two different things. Usually a part is ballsized before HT and then honed afterward.


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        Just a guess. These are probably roughed on a screw machine and form tool is used to make the radius. The parts are then HT and centerless ground and then honed or ground on ID.