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  • OT Thoughts for moving a Safe

    I have a line on old (1940s) safe. Its mine if I can move it. It is 32" by 28" by 44" and it is stuck in a corner. The wheels are off and it is sitting on a woodenframe that has it 10" off the ground. I don't know what is behind the wood that is holding it up and not to keen on pulling it apart wihout it being supported. It is in a corner and I can't get to one side, the back, or under it. I have access to the inside and it doesn't look it is bolted tot he floor.

    I am even planning to pull the door off to lower the weight.

    My thought is to come in with an engine hoist and a sling type hook shaped like a very short "C". (see top pic) The bottom on the "C" going inside and the top being used to lift. I have been told that safe could wieght upto a ton. See looking.... more to follow.

    My thought is if I can lift it, I can remount the wheels tha roll it outside to the waiting frontend loader.

    So I thinking something that looks like this. I just do not know how hefty it needs to be. If the safe weighs about under a ton???


    I know the dangers. I have no plans to move it using the engine hoist, only to turn it.

    The building it is in is sold so I can't just cut a hole in the wall and use the frontend loader that way.. hahaha

    If there is a better way, please let me know.
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    Take the door off if you can, put a couple of carver heavy duty clamps onto the top of the safe through the door apature to clamp a length of angle to the top with a hole and dee shackle at the centre, pick up with hoist, then shove her on a flat trolley, if your rolling over a wood floor use some 3/4 ply to cover and spread the load, or some 1/8 steel sheet, alternately and preferably use a pallet truck under it, much easier, I bought a safe recently that at present is in my back garden, it's bigger, but not much, it's about 1 ton, I could just manage it with my excavator, I just put a nylon sling round it and lifted with the arm, watch yer fingers!


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      I worried about it te swing as it comes up.


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        Jack it up with a floor jack or 2 using some blocks just enough to get that block out of the front then let it down with blocks going in the other direction then use a pallet jack.



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          open the door to 90 degrees, put a jack under it and raise marginally to slide a board under forming a gentle ramp down to floor level ensuring ramp is suitably supported. When down to floor level jack up again and slip gas 1" barrel under and roll to where you need it. That's how I shifted my safe which is of similar dimensions a few years back


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            The door looks like a lift off, two pins that stay in the safe. I also forgot to put this in the 1st post, this is all going to happen in a very small room. If I use the engine hoist, I tink I'll have just enough room to move the hoist to get udder it.

            I like the clamp thought but not sure what type of clamp would be stong enough or how beefy the metal would have to be not to bend. But I think that would all apply to the lift.


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              If its already 10" off the floor why not remove the wood base and use a floor jack to raise it up. Get a couple of 2x4 runners under it somehow and use pipe rollers and plywood from there. Should be a snap.
              Guy I know lost a portion of his finger in a safe door while moving it.


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                Farm jack under inside door opening or drive 2' crow bar under bottom. Install shims gradually to raise the front enough to insert a pipe roller. Switch to a longer pry bar if needed. One man can raise 5000 lbs with a 5' bar. Do the math. Plywood or steel sheet under pipe roller if floor is uneven or weak. You need 3 rollers to move very far or turn the load. Once in the open you can gently raise it with shims and install wheels. Should take less than an hr. A second person would make it easier.


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                  A 6ft high safe my father (bank manager) had in his office was known as a 'one ton safe' so this will only be half a ton. I expect the wooden frame is just a few 6x2s so if you can lift the front with a trolley jack (wheels removed to prevent movement) and wood spacer up under the open door lip you can a) check underneath, and b) saw away part of the front member to subsequently get the trolley jack right underneath. After that it will be pretty easy to get pipe rollers under it.
                  Just one point. Check with the manufacturer whether there is a safety trip that locks it solid if shock, tilting or movement is detected. The one ton safes above had that.


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                    I doubt it weighs a ton. Especially if it's sitting on a piece of wood. If you can find a pallet jack you might be able to lever the safe forward using crowbars and some blocking against the wall onto the pallet jack. Or even better, onto a wood pallet and then bring in the pallet jack.

                    Appearance is Everything...


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                      I do not think a engine hoist will work as you need to be able to get the legs and rollers under or beside the safe. Maybe a high lift car jack attached to floor and upper inside. This would allow enough lift to see what is underneath. A strap would slide between safe and wall allowing you to drag it off the stand.



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                        My fear witht the wood is how built it. I can not see in side and it is againts the wall on two sides. I don't know if there is a cross piece under it??? My fear is tilting it might cause the wood to kick out and dropping the safe. The size of this thing if it falls and leans agiant the wall it will go though the wall.

                        I ve looked at the but I not sure how to use this in my case.

                        If I use 2X2 with1/4 wall. From were the chain will lift to under the safe will be 60 inches max. That includes the part going down.

                        So can two 2x2 lift 2000lbs at the end of a 60 inch beam? or should I use something bigger?


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                          Thats just a little guy, 4 good men will pick it up and move it.
                          Its only a third the size of mine and not as thick and 5 of us have moved it 3 times now using sheer ignorance and brute strength.
                          3/4" black iron pipe for rollers, 4x4 hard wood bunks, some plywood, a pulley or 2 with some large rope and a truck was also involved in getting mine out of my old basement and into the new one...
                          That little safe would have been a pleasure!
                          FWIW, my safe has 2 doors that appear they will lift off but they dont, the hinges were pressed in I guess, you mileage may vary.
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                            Any thought of what the weight of this thing is? I can not find much due to Mosler is out of business


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                              Wrap it in blankets and roll it out? Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk.