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Me and my very handsome three sons.

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  • Me and my very handsome three sons.

    Ha Ha the three amigos with an old amigo bum that's me of course. LOL anyway here are my wonderful three sons from left Alistair, then Ewen, then Russell.And of course me that's the really good looking er maybe not. LOL I love them all like mad and they have made me very proud over the years Alistair Studied law with honors thereafter An intensive post graduate course for the bar.Ewen did journalism and writes for some of the big gaming magazines both in Europe and in the states too,Then Russell studied medicine and eventuall progressed onto become a specialist in psychiatry were he is now a consultant in his field working in a few local hospitals in Glasgow he also does some lecturing at Glasgow university from time to time.His wife Lucie is also a psychiatrist. Alistair

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    Fine lads, you should be proud!


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      Thumbs up from The Colonies!

      Y'all did right well.


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        Good looking lads.

        Odd that they still believe in Santa
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          Looks like you're all missing a little sun on that low windswept island in the North Atlantic (kidding!).


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            I'm also a proud father of three boys but mine are still young enough to give me a head ache in the week ends HA ha


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              Did your son become a shrink so he could help you!!!

              My two grown daughters both became shrinks. They always say they did so in order to try to understand me!
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                NO B F he always wanted to become a psychiatrist .His pal who also studied medicine had an older sister who talked him into the benfits i e getting home after an eight hour day and no constantly being oncall and standing as surgeons do many hours a day usually they end up with back problems.of course for a certain time every month he has to do on call treatment with prevention of suicides etc. A few years back he also became a consultant psychatrist.He said when I get older he will sign me in to the hospital against my will take over my house with power of attorney and he and his other brothers will sell it and all buy Porches aston martins etc.Then I pointed out we had made a will and he along with the other two get everything anyway.
                All of my workshop tools and machinery though goes to my eldest son Alistair as agreed with the others , who have no real interest in these things.I hope your daughters do well BF and I wish you every happiness for your future and a merry Christmas and a Guten Rutsch auch fur das neues Yahr
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                  Originally posted by lakeside53 View Post
                  Looks like you're all missing a little sun on that low windswept island in the North Atlantic (kidding!).
                  The middle one is missing the attentions of a barber.....


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                    Obviously showing no class. Now, Maseratis, that would be different. But I wouldn't take a nice car like that into the salt spray that's your neck of the woods.

                    Anyhoo, I know nothing of sons. Daughters, I could tell you a tale or too.

                    Happy New Year, up there. Down a wee dram for me, Ali.
                    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                      Must take after their mother.