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    anyone have one of these? i've got a question...

    this summer i bought two tapping heads (tapmatic 30x & yuasa 530-030) for cheap from a used tool place and promptly forgot about them until i came across them today when organizing the shop. both have seen some use & abuse so i wanted to tear them down & put them back together to see what they looked like on the inside. i started on the tapmatic and looked up the parts diagram and disassembly instructions and this is where i have a question:

    the diagram and instructions and diagram indicate a single screw that retains the back jaws, but when i disassembled mine there were no back jaws - part# 16x. instead i have two opposing set screws that were locked against a broken 8-32 tap from a previous owner. is it possible mine is an older model and was designed to use two lock screws instea of the back jaw assembly or am i just missing a piece? does anyone have one of these and can show me exactly what i need to see? enco sells what appear to be the correct back jaws for $12.01 and the retaining screws for $0.59 each, but i'd love to see a picture of it if anyone has one.

    of course in the process of disassembly the key that locks the ring gear to the outer housing went springing across the shop when i took it apart and i'm sure i'll have to contact the manufacturer if i want to get a replacement for that. i'm going to have another look tomorrow, but i suspect i'll just end up making a new key out of a feeler gauge or similar thin strip of metal. the real downer is that i only have the collet for #0-#8 taps. buying a replacement collet for #10-1/4" taps is like $80!! i'll probably buy the back jaws if needed and make sure it works before i consider the other collet.

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    Here's my tear down of my 50XB - not very different.