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    Nowadays you will have better luck finding graphite paper in hobby stores. It leaves a black imprint, not blue black.

    Originally posted by A.K. Boomer View Post
    Place a piece of carbon track paper (the kind you use to make double receipts) QUOTE]

    Interesting that you feel the need to explain what carbon paper is - the average age in here is about 70. But think it must be 30 years since I've seen any of the genuine blue/black stuff.
    North Central Arkansas


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      Must admit that I haven't used carbon paper since I used a manual typewriter and that was a LONG time ago!


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        I think you guys know what I meant lol

        I use automotive "copy prints" or whatever you want to call them for things other than work orders - can help with diagnostics..

        so was it off? was it hitting on one side?


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          I haven't had a proper chance yet Boomer to have a good look as it's been hectic with visitors dropping in between Christmas and New Years.....I think you are right though it must be fractionally hitting one side first to cause that bounce. I have some whiteboard marker that doesn't dry and I'll coat the bottom with that and slip some typing paper underneath and see what the print from that gives.