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O.T. Who's driven one of these?

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    The F-4's were a wonderful jet, and the RF-4C was probably one of the best of the lot. It was faster than the D, E and F models since it didn't have as much stuff hanging off the airframe, and because of that, a lot less drag.

    It was still a brick if the engines quit on ya though.


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      I as well have not driven one but I have seen them in peoples yards around here. I even know a place where a guy has some sort of helicopter in his yard that has guns which I can only assume are "fake" to finish the look.


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        "Rather you than me Evan "

        It is just a bomb and a very small one designed to take out bombers without needing a contact hit. If you blew one up in a city it might take out a city block, not much more. I was much more worried about meeting an idiot driver on the roads to the sites, not what I was carrying.

        The army also had (still has?) tiny nukes that are fired by artillery just a few thousand metres. They are the equivalent of a few tons of high explosive, no more, and they make very little fallout. The history on those is not clear but states that they were demonstrated at various locations around the US, not just on the Nevada test ranges. It could be operated by a single man crew. Whether they were actual live demos or just using substituted high explosives at the "impact site" is the part that is not clear. They can very closely simulate those small atomics by using high explosives containing a high percentage of magnesium dust.
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