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2015 Wish for all my friends on the HSM forum

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    As is now pretty well known I am a real-anti war guy unless we are defending our own and good neigbours too .I wish all those suffering all around the world ,of course all the soldiers too a great and wonderful life. Also to MY- Our Pal George Bullis and really all of you here .
    showing, friendship, as well as kindness to me and you for a very long time.
    So a big non alcoholic toastto all my friends here and their families from we here in Scotland.
    I wish everything possible that is fair and good life has to offer.You people here are really special to me very much so,I have learned more about the kindness of human behaviour here better than a four year stint at university where I did a bsc in psychology.Big Alistair Bronwen and the boys.
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease