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  • Sold a Bridgport

    A nice J head To a great young man from De Moines Iowa no less who drove 500 miles each way. I'm starting to get withdraw, 2-J head, 3-Vari-Speed & 3-tabletop Baker style. Record low. One is a brand new Chevalier 3hp Vari-speed Large table I'd like to CNC as I just bought 70 stepper motors. Maybe someone can talk me thru it. I found the exact mill CNCed from the factory & I've never had a table so easy to move, my pinkie can do it with ease & it's a 10x 50 table. This was one of the very last manuals they made & I suspect they were already using CNC parts maybe? If you haven't fiqured it out I know squat about CNC. The steppers are Nema 34 6 amp 1.8 deg LIN engineering brand.