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    cool site! (pun intended)


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      Thrud, actually holding the pan of boiling water in your hand is no big deal... AS LONG AS IT KEEPS BOILING! You really need to use a thick container (cast iron is best). The secret is in the thermodynamics. While it's boiling it's in an equilibrium state and the evaporating steam is removing all the heat so the bottom of the container feels just about room temperature. As the boiling subsides (as it gradually will when removed from the heat) you can feel the bottom start warming up. But if it's a thick cast iron material you'll have plenty of time to get it out of your hand. You can kinda test this out with an thinner pan (alum. or copper) but you'll only have time to just touch the bottom of the pan before the boiling slows.
      My Dad showed me this about 50 yrs ago when I was a kid, then later in life when the USAF sent me thru meteorology school I came to understand how it works. Try it. It's a good way to impress a wife or girl friend with your toughness.

      Oh, I meant to ask: why'd you remove the piece of cow hide? I'd hate to have a void in my burger.

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      Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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        Actually that is the same principle with the liquid Nitrogen (it boils) that and only a tablespoon or so can be chugged at once. It has to be dropped to the stomach in one go - no pausing, no swallowing - very difficult to do right and is VERY DANGEROUS!

        I removed the hide from the chesseburger because the gurnsey hide clashed with the cheese and pickles. I also don't appreciate cow hair in my mouth even if it has lots of mustard on it - too much fiber.