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Reading lens for saftey glasses

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  • Reading lens for saftey glasses

    I love new toys. OPTX 20/20 lens has pliable reading lens for saftey glasses. They gave me some at the nuke plant I work in. The card says on the back... I have no affliation (spelling:?) Just thought they were neat when reading mills and drills. I got mine courtesy of the plant, I ain't got a clue how much they cost.
    I hope this makes somebody happy.

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    Just a little information for those of us that need a "little help" seeing small things. MSC has safety glasses that are very robust, in a variety of styles, half and full lens prescription, in various powers for less than $20! For years I have been buying the 3 packs of reading glasses from Sam's club for $20. The lenses would get scratched and the earpieces would break at the hinge or they fall apart at the bridge. I ordered several apir in different styles from MSC -Greatest money I have ever spent. They were all great and that where I'm buying my reading glasses from now on. Wish I would have known about this years ago.


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      Just looked for safety glasses in MSC. Which ones do you buy? There is a bewildering number of choices. Thanks for passing on this info.



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        I have a reading lens with my safety glasses, got them from my optimetrist (however that silly word is spelled). Turned forty, and low and behold, I found I needed them.

        They are called "bifocals".

        Seriously though, I have seen some of these available through various safety products suppliers, one being ZEE safety.

        CCBW, MAH


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          I bought 1 pair of each of the "Tahoe", "Innovator", and "Engineer". @ of the pair were bought as "half" or bi-focal (except the top is plain) and the 3rd pair I bought as "full" (prescription throughout the whole lens). They are all made by the Crews company and actuall cost about $30 each. They are all listed on page 2721 of my latest catalog (not sure what page on the online catalog). One of the part numbers I ordered is 54086582 in case you want to do a search by part #. That should get you in the proper section. Not to beat a drum or anything, but, I really like the quality and wish I had known sooner. BTW, I have bought a couple pair of the all-plastic wraparounds from another source, and they are not in the same ballpark as far as value. I do keep them around the car wash for occassional use when working with chemicals and such.


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            My sister sends me "care packages" from time to time. Last one had several of those lens in it, along with a pair of safety glasses with reading lens built in. Plus a pair of "harley davidson" sunglasses.
            All Uvex stuff.
            David from jax
            A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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              I recently got catarak surgery in both eyes ( I am 80 years ) . Sorry I waited so long. 20/20 right eye 20/25 left. I now buy reading glasses from my local Dollar Store for one dollar. I use 1.25 magnification, but they have lots of higher mag. I have 4 sets with metal frames, plastic frames broke. Because they are glass, when machining I cover them with clear plastic eye protection. These cheap ones seem to be widely available. Saw im in Shop-a Lot for a dollar and stores like Meijer discount them quite often.