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  • OT: Sketchup 2015

    Off the top: Don't use SketchUp 2015 for anything that matters. Also, if you do use it make the work directory a separate directory in which only your current work is saved. Third, if the work matters even a little then back it up constantly into another folder.

    I decided to give SU 2015 a try starting about 2 weeks ago. In the last two days I began having a series of Bug Splats (crashes).

    As I have been trouble shooting this series of bug splats I have not been able to discover anything specific to point to the cause. Nearly any action can result in a BS, including copy and paste, simply moving an object next to another, creating a group or component, pasting something into another existing group or just drawing or deleting something.

    I keep the working files on another drive so I must back up that drive separately from the system drive. I do system backups every day but only back up the various work drives once in a while. I last backed up this work drive on Jan 12th so the damage isn't too bad but it is still as nasty as it can be from a piece of software.

    I had just had another bug splat. Upon restarting SU2015 I was not able to load the work file. The reason turns out to be that somehow, during the bug splat, all the files in that particular directory were erased. Because it is an SSD drive that happens nearly instantly, even for a number of large files. I do not use the recycle bin so deletions are immediately permanent. Because of the file sizes I routinely work with a recycle bin is another management headache. I will be enabling it for the near future.

    There is zero chance that I did anything that could have resulted in the file deletions other than use SU2015. That is what I was working on and the files were present before this bug splat and after it they have vanished. They have not been moved anywhere nor are there any temp copies on drive C or anywhere else. The actual file sizes are not as large as you might expect. I know many ways to vastly reduce the file sizes without compromising the model quality This model was running about 53 megs.

    Try it if you like but take care. I recommend using SU version 8. It is still available and very stable. It isn't nearly as fast with large files but that beats the heck out of having a directory erased.

    I have reported this to SketchUp. We shall see what they have to say.
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    This behavior has to be vexing. The complexity of
    the work you are known to develop and the portion
    of your energy budget this effort represents can
    only be substantial.

    I don't suppose that files created in Ver 2015 are
    backward compatible ?

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      It will probably run long enough to load the files and then save them in SketchUp 8 mode. At least it does have that capability. I am about to try recovering the deleted files. Because it isn't on the system drive and nothing is happening at this moment on the data drive the file can likely all be recovered using special drive recovery software. I'm just now looking for some that will recover that size of file for free. I can probably recover all but the one it was working on when it failed.
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        If you want alternatives there are several very good 3D cad programs available now.

        Freecad (opensource)

        Design spark mechanical 2.0

        Powershape-e 2014

        PTC Creo Elements Direct Modelling.

        With the exception of Freecad these are all commercial programs that are available free with little to no differences from the purchased versions and one of them, I don't remember which one, specifically mentions it is for use by students, home users and "model engineers" (English for amateur machinists). I have only played with them for a little bit but they all seem quite capable and didn't have any obvious problems. All can be found with a web search.

        P.S. For those that like 2D programs both Solidedge and Solidworks give away commercial grade programs for free.
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          I'll keep using SketchUp. I am sure they will put this issue at the top of the "must find and fix" list. In the meantime SU8 works well and rarely crashes. The main issue with SU8 is there are some nice new plugins that aren't compatible with it.

          I am amazed that SU2015 was somehow able to do this. I have trouble figuring out just how it somehow had the ability to delete files, all of them, in the working folder. They were only saved SketchUp files so at least that sort of makes sense but they all had very different file names since I use the date, time and a version ID in every file name.

          A program shouldn't have that ability unless file management is its job. Otherwise, you leave file management to file management software. Also, the crash had nothing to do with loading or saving anything.
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            Evan, fwiw... until they fix it, maybe something like AJC Active Backup would help?


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              I have plenty of backup software, including one that uses the Win 7 shadow copy mode. That means it can backup locked files that are open in other software and it does it in the background without interfering with whatever is using it. It's freeware and works perfectly. Because it can be run from a command prompt all you need to make it do an auto-backup is to set it up as a task in the Windows Task Scheduler and give it the command you want it to perform.

              See here:

              I have also found what appears to be an excellent recovery program and have recovered working files from just yesterday and all before that.

              Direct download here:

              It requires no instructions and will work even on files that have been dumped from the recycle bin. It did the job for me.

              I should also point out that SU2015 is much faster because it is the first version written as a 64 bit app. That also means that there were quite a few changes made to take advantage of that but that also gives a large opportunity to add new bugs, as usual.
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                I've been making cad models for 30 years on virtually every card system that was ever produced. Every cad system works the same way because it's on a pc. Thus the operating system controls the memory management portion. Memory is your problem. More specifically the operating system, let's say windows, will only allow a fixed amount of RAM . You can physically install more but windows won't utilize it. It may recognize that it's there but won't use it. I remember there was something called the 2 g switch, or maybe the 4 g switch? Once that was enabled more of the installed RAM was utilized.
                Another issue I've encountered while using government pcs, was permissions. Most cad software writes info to the registry. If you don't have admin privileges that won't happen and your model will soon become corrupt.


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                  The memory limitation doesn't apply to 64 bit apps. Well, it does but it's around 168 gig or so for Win7 pro. Further, this model is only about 53 megs at the moment so even with all the materials and textures it is nowhere near even the 32 bit limit.

                  I do all work at the admin level so permissions are not an issue.

                  Slight personal memory issue: The win7 pro limit is 192 gigs.
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                    Some software requires a file management program. Without it files disappear because they are loaded on the model makers pc while utilizing them within your model. A crash can leave them stuck in Ram never to be put back because of an un orderly shutdown.

                    Lastly a common problem happened when a model was no checked back in when the day ended. Thus it was possible for several model makers to be working on the same model but different itterations.


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                      I am not quite sure what you mean about requiring a file management program. It sounds like you may be referring to a networking configuration. That doesn't apply here. The file management system is Windows Explorer, as it is for every non-networked individual system. When I say non-networked, I do not mean no internet. I mean systems where central storage takes place on networked virtual drives that do not physically live on the work station. That is the usual setup in business and government but does not apply to most home computers.
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                        I had that issue on windows 7 64 bit. RAM was limited . Also ram had to be allocated for specific tasks. I'm not sure of the exact details because our IT guys took care of that. But I was the one contacting the CAD software engineers to relay what the cause/solution was. If memory serves me correctly, there also were some conflicts with antivirus software. That caused some CAD writes to not happen.


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                          The file management software is NOT windows. The CAD program may require an additional program to keep track of the hundreds of files that one model is using. You must have that for multiple users but problems can still happen on a stand alone pc due to the amount of simultaneously active files. It's just too much for windows to do on its own.


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                            I do not allow realtime anti virus scanning on my systems because it can cause problems. I manually scan what I download. If what enters the machine is clean there is no logic in continuously scanning every move it makes.

                            There are various versions of Win 7. The 32 bit versions are subject to the same limits as Win XP. You were obviously working on networked work stations so what applies there entirely depends on how the network is configured. It, for the most part, does not apply to a single user system with no networked storage systems. On my system everything resides locally so network issues are not applicable. It is in part for that reason I do not use the "Cloud" for anything at all (other than my on line data such as web pages).
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                              An example is pro-e uses Pdm-link as there file manager.

                              You won't have a problem until you max out one off the dozens of memory settings. Then you'll pull your hair out trying to figure out which one is the culprit