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    I recently got two emails from my provider
    AOL asking me for details of my bank a/c etc as there was a problem.I ignored the first email meaning to phone the next day when the second came it looked very real.
    I was about to give them the information they required i.e banking details dcredit card number etc, when I suddenly decided to write off an email to AOL to confirm this was needed as they usually don't ask for these details over the phone. I got the following response saying it was a scam so beware Alistair
    Dear customer,

    We encountered a billing error when attempting to renew your AOL membership services. This type of error usually indicates that either the credit card you
    have on file has expired or that the billing address we have on file is not current.

    Please use the link below to update your billing information.

    AOL Billing Center

    If you feel this as an error and you want to discontinue your AOL membership, please disregard this message and call our customer service to cancel the service.

    America Online Billing Department

    آ© 2004 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    reply from AOL

    Dear AHos5,
    This is a hoax mail.Incase if you receive any mail in future you can go to keyword fficialmail and you will come to know its a hoax or not.

    Incase you want to check your payments you can go to the keyword 'billing'.

    Best Regards,
    AOL Member Services.

    ----------original message----------
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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    Never, ever give financial details to anyone by e-mail. NO EXCEPTIONS.
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      I recieved the same, years ago when I was using AOL.
      The stupid SOB made it a mass mailing (clue one).
      I may have gotten one concerning SBC-Global/YAHOO, now they never make it through the spam filter.


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        About a year ago I received a like e-mail requesting the same information. The hoax than sent me another e-mail saying that my account had been compromised. I called the Credit Card Co and got a new number also changed my isp password.
        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.