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Any tips on making a worm and wheel?

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  • Any tips on making a worm and wheel?

    I have a Hardinge UM dating from about 1953 that was removed from a Navy vessel. It is missing the power feed and I hav the crazy idea of making my own. Hard part is, I need to make a worm and wheel. The wheel has a 5/8 ID to fit the lead screw and looks to be 1-3/4 - 1-7/8 OD and the worm to be about 1-1/4 OD.

    Worm is 2 starts and the wheel would have 30 teeth.

    I would have to make 2 worms, one would be notched to act like a gear cutter and would probably have to figure out a way to gash the wheel to make it cut a bit easier. Might also be able to do something with stepper motors and encoders to synchonize things for cutting.

    Any ideas or thoughts, other than that I must be nuts to want to do this...


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    Myford Boy on Youtube has a video in which he makes a worm hob out of O1, heat treats it, then makes a worm gear. Gears and Gear Cutting by Ivan Law has a good section about cutting worm gears including information about the shape of the tool to make the worm hob. It gives you a better place to start than from zero (which is where I would have started).
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      I'm not sure about making a worm & wheel, but the numbers that you threw out are an interesting coincidence. I bought a worm & wheel of the 'bay last year when I was getting started on my dividing head project. They just happen to be a 30-tooth wheel with 2 starts! I quickly decided that they wouldn't be ideal for that project, so they're just sitting here now. Unfortunately the worm is 3/4" ID, 1 7/16" OD and the wheel is 3/4" ID, 3.265" OD or thereabouts. I would part with them for not all that much, but probably not much use to you as clearly much larger than what you're looking for. Still, maybe a couple of searches on Amazon, Ebay, etc. might turn up something. . . . Just another possibility!



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        + 1 on the book by Ivan Law. Good luck



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          Not the most elegant piece of work I have ever done but it is does work and has been for a few years now..