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  • IMA IG30-8 Drill

    I just acquired an IMA IG30-8 geared head drill. These are nice machines - made in Sweden. It has a #3 MT Spindle, and they come with a built in drill ejector. This one has removed -so my question is - does anyone have any information/parts out there for one of these?


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    Here ya go:

    Downloadable PDF, but I can't seem to make sense of the text?


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      Thanks Rosco -

      I found that - but the drawings are hard to read - I was hoping someone might have a clearer version, or has rebuilt one of these before.



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        Look at page 20 >HERE<. You may notice that the green-painted drill head photography is exactly the same as the IMA manuals linked to above. Anyway, the drill ejector sounds pretty simple. On page 20, the activation is nothing more than a pivoting, flat plate (part #13) which physically retards the full retraction of the quill. When swung clear, the quill can be retracted a small amount more. When this happens, the end of the inserted tool contacts---I would assume---the driving spindle shaft (part #12 on page 15). The driving spindle shaft has two keyway slots which the spindle itself engages as it moves through its travel. Capeesh Bear in mind, this is all a wild, bum guess on my part after staring at Rosco-P's relevant links and understanding that your drill looks awfully similar to a Solberga or Arboga design (both Swedish).

        Furthermore, for the IMA specifically, the ejector lever may simply be parts A60060, 60062 and 60061: a flat plate and two pins. Reference those numbers >HERE<. The "driving spindle shaft" as I call it above corresponds to part A61000 in the IMA parts manual.
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