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I need help with a cold saw

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  • I need help with a cold saw

    I just bought an old pedrazzoli 350 super brown cold saw . The collant pump is driven from an eccentric on the main motor.The pump is bad .It appears to be an old style automotive fuel pump maybe from an old fiat. The pump is marked fispa brevett 406202. The saw is 220v 3 phase . If I cant find a direct replacement,I will need to use a 110 volt electric pump that I have. I will need a trasformer . Any help sourceing the mecanical pump or transformer recomendations will be greatly appreciated . Thank you, Edwin
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    You could buy another pump..


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      metalmagpie recently posted about the cold saw he rebuilt:
      In the link in his first post he mentions that the coolant pump is just an automotive fuel pump.
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        Take the pump to your local car parts dealer, they will usually be able to I'd it from sight, I seem to remember fitting a ford pump, or pump for a ford I should say, it's a common thing, might as well try before going down the seperate pump route.
        Weren't they called fuel lift pump


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          Hi did you every manage to find a direct replacement for your saw? I have exactly the same saw and a faulty pump too and unable so far to find a match here in the UK. Any help would be much appreciated.

          Thank you, Andy