I did not want to hi-jack http://bbs.homeshopmachinist.net/thr...77-Shop-lights so I started this new thread to respond to oldtiffie

I had wondered before if shadowless lamps as used in hospital operating theatres and at Dental chairs might be an answer - or not - and what costs might be.

They do seem to work well enough in areas that are designed to have them installed in.

Any advice please?

I used to wonder the same thing everytime I sat in my dentist's chair. THen I managed to pick up an old ('40s or '50s vintage) articulated OR light like this: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_isUvlzkZPI...-h/mashtv2.jpg I found it at a local resale shop and waited until the price dropped to $5. I have it mounted over my main workbench area and I wish I had a few more. It has a reach of about 4 ft and uses a standard incandescent 100w bulb. I also picked up a free standing examinimng room light - Welch-Alyn brand 20w halogen light that has a 6 inch diameter spot of light about 3 ft from the lens. I frequently use it for additional lighting when working on cars - at an 8 to 10 ft distance the bright spot is diffuse and about 2 ft in diameter.

I just surfed eBay - surplus surgical lighting (I could replace my Clausing 5914 lathe for the cost of some of the newer LED OR lights).