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Replacing the cable on a Acu-rite DRO reader head?

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  • Replacing the cable on a Acu-rite DRO reader head?

    Greetings all:

    Back in '99 I bought a lot of scales & reader heads to (eventually) add a DRO to my CLausing 5914. I realise I could buy a system new but since I have been storing these for year, I figured I might have a go at mounting the scales while the lathe is away from the wall as part of its move across the garage. For the cross slide, I intend to mount a "Acu-rite Mini-Scale". Problem is that the armoured cable is a bit too stiff to make a bend to clear an obstruciton. In my lot of parts I have a minoi-scale reader head with what looks to be a serial connector instead of a round DIN connector (what I have on the display). I also have another cable with the correct DIN plug and a very flexible shield that is much smaller in diameter than the armoured cable.

    So is there any reason that I should not replace the cable at the reader head - it looks like a fairly straight forward solder project? Coments; been there, done that, still have the scars replys gladly received.
    Metro Detroit

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    I just recently repaired a few old scales and did just that.
    Worked fine.
    The armored cables are great if it will be exposed to hot chips though.


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      Nothing wrong with doing it as long as you get all the wires connected correctly--anything less and all you'll get is gibberish...
      Just one project too many--that's what finally got him...