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  • Check this out!

    wow, never seen one of those, my buddy is going to look at it now!

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    Seen loads, they used to use them round here as lamp-posts, worked better as a lamp-post than a miller

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      Looks like an M-head stuck on an old drill press.


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        it does look like it would make a very ridged lamp post,,, but miller? not so much and in fact probably where the term "wet noodle" originated...


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          Kinda like this one...

          I passed on this one a while back, this guy bought it at an estate sale... he's making money if he sells for his asking price.
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            It looks like a jig borer to me. No moveable knee, and the head is on a real nice looking set of ways.


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              This isn't like mine as mine was a M head round ram mill. I bought it for $50 with a bunch of other equip. them got a discount so ended up with about $37. Didn't know it was 110V till I git it home. It worked great but they only have 3-1/2" quill travel & don't use r8 collets. Just got talked out of it last fall. It worked fine & had enough power with the 1/2 hp motor. It was the forrunner of the J head.
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                Originally posted by mars-red View Post
                It looks like a jig borer to me. No moveable knee, and the head is on a real nice looking set of ways.
                Yup, concur.... Many old time jig borers were made like that.

                Of course so were some drill presses, so either answer is technically possible, although the table and its supporting structure really says jig bore..

                Seller is still clue-less either way.
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                  Somebody left a drill on a hydrant.
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