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How do I get this Millrite horizontal adapter off?

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  • How do I get this Millrite horizontal adapter off?

    The pic is from when the mill was being moved and the head on the side.

    Assume the adapter has been on for more than five years. The drawbar didn't want to budge. Thought I'd spray some Kroil on it above the spindle since maybe corroded there, but don't want to force things.

    Anything else to try? I rather make a new drawbar than damage it inside.


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    The drawbar screws into a collet, if it's tight and wont unscrew, lock the quill, put a ring spanner on the drawbar and give it a few taps with a mallet so as to turn the drawbar. After it's moved a quarter turn or so, you should be able to unscrew it. After 2 or 3 turns, slacken off the clamp screws to the R/A attachment and support it while you tap the end of the drawbar.


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      And if you can't get it off sell it to hollywood as a horror movie prop...


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        Do what Daveb said. You might have to rap the end of the draw bar hard while turning with a wrench. remember right hand thread. Turn to the left.
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          I would try the reverse of the instructions mounted on the adapter.
          It says tighten drawbar BEFORE tightening clamping screws.
          So, I'd loosen the clamping screws first, then try loosening the drawbar.


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            Thanks all. Learned better to ask first before stripping or breaking something.


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              Use an impact wrench. You'll stand less chance of damaging something.



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                Originally posted by johnnyd View Post
                Use an impact wrench. You'll stand less chance of damaging something...
                Yup, a good way to go. And if, as you say, you're willing to sacrifice the drawbar an impact is more likely to shear it off clean...
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                  I've found using an air hammer with a dull or rounded point inside a socket to keep it on the drawbar will rat-a-tat it enough to loosen it without breaking anything or damaging the bearings after soaking it in kroil.