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A Machinist finally gets a decent break

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  • A Machinist finally gets a decent break

    I takes a great attorney to prove you're innocent sometimes.

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    I've worked in TV all my career and that may be the most useful thing TV has ever done for an individual. It kinda makes up for all the BS in this business; well a little anyway.

    Paul A.

    Paul A.

    Make it fit.
    You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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      of course, he is going to sue.


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Happy:
        of course, he is going to sue.</font>
        I hate lawyers, but I would too. 5 1/2 months in jail , probably losing your job, possibly getting evicted, maybe getting divorced.....the list goes on.....I would be so mad I would want to see someone, preferably that prosecutor, hanging by his privates in the public square. Suing is like letting them off scot free.

        There is no doubt more to the story. But needlessly spending time in jail for a death sentence crime just because the prosecutor says "I know he done it"?

        Someone needs to have a lesson taught to them, and it isn't Mr Catalan.

        I have been on the jury for a case with "evidence" like that. I was absolutely hopping mad by the time it was done with (we brought in "not guilty"). Our guy had spent 6 months in jail accused of theft, when there was absolutely zero actual evidence to link him with it.

        That stuff happens, and it needs to be stamped on hard.

        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan


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          Ya,he's off the hook remember OJ?He was off the hook too,until the family sued in civil court,sold that Hiesman cheap they did.

          This brings us back to lying under oath,the alleged witness should now be going to jail,but they won't since you can say anything in a court of law now and pretty much lie your ass off,even f your found out nothing will be done about it.

          People bring up the "what ifs" when its a capital crime,so much doubt because judges and police can lie and manipulate evidence,I say this is where "Dual jeapordy" should come into play,if a person lies whether it be a cop,prosecutor or judge and a person is wrongly convicted,the person(s) who lied should have to serve the sentence,even if its death.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            I just saw that story on the local news (Los Angeles)...didn't know that he was a machinist.

            Also note it appears that he had not been convicted of the crime yet. Anyway, I hope they catch who killed the girl.


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              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by abn:
              Also note it appears that he had not been convicted of the crime yet. </font>

              Which makes the 5 1/2 months in jail even worse, of course. No doubt the prosecutor ensured that bail was set way above where the guy could afford it.

              Terrorists go free, but the innocent stay in jail. What a free country.......guess that is what makes us great, we need more "zero tolerance" prosecutors


              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                He sure looks different now than when they arrested him.
                If you looked up the word gangbanger, you would have seen his picture.
                It is pretty common for these gangbangers to wonder why they still get hassled by the cops even after they have given up the active gangbanging.

                The cops have a favorite saying: if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a probably is a duck!

                Ties to the family and 'hood run deep.
                We aren't getting the whole story here.



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                  That guy was lucky someone cared enough to look.

                  I see the way the police look at my tattoos and worry when they will need a new scapegoat.
                  I did get stopped for speeding on my 58 harley in 1991, the policeman looked at me and almost shot me in the head. The barrel on the pistol was shaking about a half inch. The audio-video from the cruiser was working till I started trying to calm him down verbally (then just the video). He wrote me 3 tickets on the side of the road, got me to jail, counted the $1600 in my pocket and the company pager and wrote me 4 more (profiling). He cost me $6,000 in fines/attorney and bond. I got accused of being a "DUCK".
                  I hate cops. Some are decent folk, others are egotistical maniacs that should not even own guns much less be hired to protect the public with one.
                  The guy in front of me in court was crying saying that "officer Stevens" held him upside down and was questioning him. He told him he was going to drop him on his head. (Same Bully cop)


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                    I've been pulled over for driving with long
                    hair, driving a vehicle too old for the neighborhood, for having the wrong bumper sticker, ...

                    Most cops are fine people... but a friend who's
                    a Stanford neurosurgeon (and black) gets pulled
                    over way more than seems right.

                    - Bart

                    Bart Smaalders


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                      Cops work on appearances. That is natural.

                      The problem is that they don't like being wrong. And they really hate admitting they are wrong.

                      That leads to the obvious conclusion. If you couldn't possibly be wrong, but it looks like you are, you need to work harder and find the way that you are really right after all.

                      Sometimes that means you flat out lie, cheat, and steal. But at least you are not wrong. Being wrong would be worse than being dishonest, it would shake your confidence and let down your buddies.

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                      Keep eye on ball.
                      Hashim Khan


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                        My record?

                        I think what hurt me was going over to help in a air crash in Resaca Ga. A plane landing without proper runway lights jammed its gear up into it's belly.
                        When I walked up, (I had been deerhunting and was in camo) The police there drawed guns and got my id. I noticed they were unloading bales of marijuana into the trunks of the awaiting police cars. I got followed everytime I came out of the driveway for about six months.
                        This Whitfield Co. sherriff was arrested in the 90's after letting another friend (vietnam vet) out of jail to go kill someone and giving him a illegal shotgun (and numerous other charges).

                        The Police Always have the best dope, just ask any junkie.