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    I'd forgotten about a couple features but find them useful at times. The archive view of the BBS is a trimmed down look at the posts and comments. The link to it is found at the bottom right of every page and you can bookmark it so save some time.

    Link to Archives:

    There is also a printthread view that is available but a bit more difficult to get to. Here's an example link:

    The parameters are:
    t=39202 - this is the target thread and is the numeric part of a thread's URL
    pp=10 - this is the number of posts per screen
    page=1 If the number of posts is greater than "pp=" then the software will break them up into screens or pages. The page= will be the starting page in a multi-page view.

    The fussy part is you have to edit your URI window manually to view a thread with this tool. Still, it is very handy because you can set it up to show dozens of posts per page. It is very handy for printing, obviously. If you print to a PDF file the image links should be functional in the created file.

    Images are not shown as this is optimized for printing. It is also very fast for eyeball scanning.