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OT: Windows Math Input Panel

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  • OT: Windows Math Input Panel

    I just discovered that Windows 7 and 8 have a nifty feature called the Math Input Panel. You can pop this window up and write a math expression or equation in it using the mouse or a pad and it translates it to neat text that can be inserted into compatible Windows programs that use Math Markup Language.

    Anyway, now I want to use it. But it is awkward with a mouse. I am wondering if anybody else here has used this little program and if so, what do you use for an input device?

    One device I have looked at is a keyboard with a mouse pad built in, a Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400. But I can not even determine if it would work with this program.

    Any suggestions from someone who has used this program?
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      Try something like this :

      I have one of these in the office and it works great with the math input panel. So saying that any graphics tablet should work fine if it's supported by the OS, i just happen to like Wacom products.


      PS - usual disclaimers, i have no affiliation with Wacom just a happy customer, etc.


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        If you didn't know about it, it is found in the accessories folder in the start menu. It will only work with specific programs that support it. Anybody know what they are.
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