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True definition of: Engine Lathe ???

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  • True definition of: Engine Lathe ???

    Sorry if this has been posted before...

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    Hey, whatever gets the project done! I guess that beats taking the engine apart.


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      He wasnt born yesterday ! Pretty clever
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        lol.. I shuddered at the startup, seeing the metal shavings go flying and vibrations.. looked like he was a little too close with the tool at the start..

        Also, sounds like the engine is RUNNING? gotta be at least 1200rpm idle, wayy too much for carbide, interrupted cut, unknown shaft. Hence why you see sparks at the end.. I bet his carbide tip is ruined by now.

        that is some SERIOUS overhang too. Can't imagen it was good for the crank bearings. I would have been taking baby cuts doing that..
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          I like that!
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            Imagination during set ups is what make the machining trade fascinating. Hours of set up for minutes of machining is not unusual.
            I once had some plastic bushings to mill a slot in the end. The parts were small, thin and not very stiff. I had no way to hold without making a special holding device. Got the job done by clamping the bushing by the lip or brim (they looked like tiny top hats with open tops) using quarters to capture the bushing and mill .003" a pass to depth of .030". I called it my four bit set up. Was done with the job in a few minutes instead of an elaborate tool set up for a one time no repeat job.

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