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Allen Bradley Roller Switch Question

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  • Allen Bradley Roller Switch Question

    I'm unable to post a pic but I'm hoping a description will suffice...

    My Clausing 15x42 was becoming increasingly erratic with regard to starting (sometimes the starter would pull in and run - other times no dice). A couple of buddies of mine who have electrical backgrounds came over and looked at the original factory setup. After some time spent on trouble shooting, we discovered the switch was no longer working so we removed the cover and saw some loose pieces laying about inside. Only trouble is that none of us know where anything is supposed to go - so my question is:

    Does anyone have an Allen Bradley ASC3-13 snap action roller switch that they might be willing to share a photograph of the innards?

    This Ebay link added only for purposes of identification.

    I'm hopeful we can rebuild what is there if we get some idea of the proper assembly - if not, I might be looking for a replacement.

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    If you get stuck I have a few of the much more modern replacement I'd part with.


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      I generally use the hermetically sealed Honeywell type
      They can also be had on ebay.


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        Are you using that switch to turn the lathe on and off or is it a travel limit or door switch that is in the start/run circuit? If the former there are better substitutes and if the latter, the same. I wouldn't try to rebuild something used in a safety circuit.


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          I'm just turning on the motor (5hp, 240v 3ph). This was the factory setup and I was thinking it might be repairable if I could see what the insides look like but I have no qualms about using a different manufacturer.

          Lakeside53, I PM'd you.


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            What usually breaks is the switch itself, which is a separate part from the housing and mechanical parts. It is usually a common micro-switch available from most electrical supply houses. If you have a local A-B dealer, they can probably furnish the replacement switch if you give them the Bulletin number.
            Jim H.


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              This A-B switch new from the factory is over $4,000 - the only used one on Ebay is $499.

              So I either fix this one or buy a replacement brand.

              And for the record, this switch energizes the 240v coil in the main contactor - so it's not carrying much load.


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                Send me the physical size info... or a link to the A&B spec sheet

                There are a couple of others out there - new at $2200 and $1200. Those prices are stupid... Mine are a fraction of that price oh..... might explain why the last batch of AB limit switches (not the same antiques as the OP ) I sold were snapped up for $70 each. lol
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                  Originally posted by lakeside53 View Post
                  Those prices are stupid...
                  Worse, they are insane............

                  But that seems to be common with electrical stuff. We buy items from our supplier for maybe $150, which I have seen "listed" for well over $1000. It's some sort of pricing scam to demonstrate what a wonderful discount you are getting even though the electrical contractor is marking it up by 3X over what he paid.

                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan


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                    I think these crazy prices reflect the rarity of the obsolete item. They prey on the big pocket guy that just has to (legally) put in the exact part.

                    Mine will work with adapter plate for the holes. They are Allen Bradley 802T-AMP SER H. I have actuator arms somewhere too. Zillions of variants (search on "Bradley limit switch" ) on ebay too.

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                      I've got a used Omron D4A-1101N with an adjustable length roller arm that may work for ya. I was saving it for a project, but may never get around to using it. Do your own research and PM me if interested.


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                        Originally posted by HWooldridge View Post
                        This A-B switch new from the factory is over $4,000 - the only used one on Ebay is $499..
                        For real, really? Or are you exaggerating? If $4000 is correct for a limit switch, that is pure human greed.



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                          Originally posted by Doozer View Post
                          For real, really? Or are you exaggerating? If $4000 is correct for a limit switch, that is pure human greed.

                          No, I'm not exaggerating. The distributors are listing them at more than $2K new-in-the-box and the OEM list price from Rockwell Automation (which owns this Allen Bradley line) has the switch for over $4K. While I'll admit the switch is well built and not Chinese junk, the cost of parts in the assembly is probably less than $50 - diecast body, springs, contacts, etc.

                          I think the previous comment about someone needing to replace an exact part number due to liability is probably accurate. If this switch was spec'd on some piece of equipment owned by the government then the buyer would have no leeway to purchase a substitute.