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  • Polycarbonate

    Any body her got any experience polishing polycarbonate. I need to polish a 1.250 O.D. tube with a 1" hole in it. Any help or a website would be appreciated. Thx

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    I have used a heat gun to "polish" lexan,mostly edges,takes some getting used to,move too fast nothing happens,too slow it scorches.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      When I was a kid we did that in a shop class. IIRC, it required hand sanding to over 600 grit and then careful polishing on a fluff buffing wheel with th eright rouge if you're looking to get a nice transparent surface.


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      Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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        How long is the piece of tube? I have used clear acrylic cement to produce a transparent surface on polycarbonate. I have produced (following machining) clear blocks 2" thick this way. This slightly softens the polycarbonate, when it re-solidifies it is transparent. The methylene chloride in the cement is what I am told produces the clear finish. You can see it clear as you wipe. Use a lint free rag and wipe in one direction only, DO NOT dwell in one spot or go back over surfaces, it will produce streaks or other undesireable effects. Handling prior to sufficent cure time will leave finger prints. This may be difficult to do with tubing. Try on some scrap first. I have not done this but I have also been told that putting some methylene chloride in a shallow pan and heating it slightly, hold the piece over the pan and the vapors will produce a clear finish. I am told there is some technique to using this method. WARNING: methylene chloride is BAD STUFF (carcinogen). If you try this read and heed ALL cautions on the label. I do not know what you are making or the tolerances required, you can buy polycarbonate tubing 1.250 O.D. with a 1" hole in it that is already clear.
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          The above posts will get you on the right track in polishing polycarbonate. I use a number of grits going as high as 12,000 or even higher depending on the degree of clarity. I have also used flame polishing, only one slip and it's scorched. In using solvent polishing the part has to be dry. Polycarbonate absorbs moisture. I dry in a low temp. oven. A source of polishing materials would be at I have no connection with them other than living about 10 miles from their warehouse. Good luck and if you have further questions you could e-mail me.
          Stephen K


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            One word: Meguiars PlastX. OK, so it's two words.
            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              ERBenoit: I hate playing with chemicals, I just dont get paid enough you know. I wish i could use the pre bought tubing but the part has more dimensions than I listed, it is machined out of 2" inch round stock and has a flange on one end that has a o-ring groove. The whole part is only 1.500.

              Evan: I hadn't thought of the stuff I will go to our supplier and give that a try.

              Stephen K: Ill drop you an email I would like to know more about using the flame method, I have acetylene torches, and the small type of torche used for soldering( I forget the gas type) and I have a heat gun also.