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  • Industrial and machine shop safety video

    When looking for information about how to use a floating reamer holder, there was a link to a "lathe accident" in which someone was using abrasive cloth on a long rod, and he was pulled into the lathe but fortunately the rod bent out of the tailstock center and he survived. There was another video of industrial safety showing supposedly real accidents, but I think some of them were staged. I'll just post the link, as I found another thread here from 2008 where lathe accident pictures, which are excessively gory, were removed because they attracted too much of the wrong sort of traffic to the site.

    So, what do you think, real, fake, or a combination?

    It is important to consider how quickly a bit of carelessness or anger can cause an unsafe condition and accident, and it may be especially vital for those, like myself, who usually work alone at home.
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    Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
    So, what do you think, real, fake, or a combination?
    Seriously? A camera just happened to be around to capture every accident?

    Up to 2:20, all staged or CGI, including the gas cylinder. Can't imagine this being shown in a manufacturing plant, they'd be laughing to hard to take the message seriously.


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      That video link is all fake. But in real life, I watch almost daily guys in the machine shop at my work wearing gloves and long sleeves running lathes and mills. I have brought up the issue and showed HR the lathe accident where the guy gets sucked in polishing the shaft. No one seems to care.


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        The video is a dramatization of events that are real and documented or realistically probable. I prefer the dramatizations over documented real life events. There are or were some videos on youtube that showed end of life events as they happened including skull and torso crushings and dismembering, etc., and they are difficult to erase from your mind. Honest dramatizations that present actual cases are fine and the more fakey the better `cuz the real thing will make you hurl your last meal into your mouth.

        I've been on the scene at some horrific motorcycle and auto accidents where the results were sub-optimal for the rider or driver/passengers, but I worked the victims (cpr, disentanglement, etc) without hesitation - without even thinking about the gore and the probability of failure. The mental trauma came after the action (and death). It's a long path to recovery when a heart stops on your watch. I know though that I won't hesitate if there's a next time because sometimes you save a life.


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          Frank would have noticed the steam roller that killed him,if he had been paying attention instead of "always thinking about would could happen"
          I just need one more tool,just one!