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Motor rebuild question.

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  • Motor rebuild question.

    I'm rebuilding the motor that was on my SB9. I'm not sure if its an original or not honestly. It's an old hoover motor. It seems to be in good shape. I've got the motor apart, cleaned and I started painting. The only thing I'm not familiar with is the bearings they are sleeve bearings. Its a brass ring with grooves cut into it. It's backed by a steel ring and the groove has wool wick running through it. The brass ring seems to be in good shape but the wool is shot. I have one brass ring out but not the steel ring. Does it just press out? Does it matter if I press from the inside or out? I need to replace the wool but this steel ring needs to come out first I believe. Is this correct? I can't post pics for some reason but this is the motor info.
    Sleeve Bearing
    AC motor
    V: 115/230
    Rpm: 1725
    S.f.: 1.25
    No. 7674kt03173

    Is there a way to date this? I'd like to find some literature or a parts breakdown on this motor. Inside the top bell housing is a stap of 1895. Not sure if that's a part number of what. I'd appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

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    Pinresto: Just a brief caution, those "brass" bearings are probably not brass. I would bet a dollar to a donut, they are bronze. Bronze is good bearing material, brass is not. Just in case you need to fab new bearings.



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      It's possible that your old bearings can be replaced with modern oil impregnated bronze sleeves. They come in a multitude of sizes. Look here: If that doesn't work, I would buy some oil impregnated bearing stock and make all new bearings, doing away with the wicks and such:



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        Thanks sarge41. They're in great shape so I'll reuse them. I figured it all out today. I got them out and the old wick pulled out. I found a good wick replacement at Michael's. Wool roving.