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Off Topical Dr.Seuss (Cabin Fever)

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  • Off Topical Dr.Seuss (Cabin Fever)

    I do not like this snow I say
    I do not like it in any way.
    Not on the ground, not in the air,
    not sitting in my easy chair.

    I salt, I scrape, I shovel, I plow;
    I want an end! I want it now!

    So old man winter, tell your Ma
    I'm going to move to Floor-e-dah.

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    I'm going to be MCing a kind of poet's corner event this weekend and this is exactly what I need

    Here's one I wrote based on a classic Robert Frost poem.

    Broken Down on a Snowy Winter's Eve (with apologies to Robert Frost)

    Whose bike this is I think I know.
    But he's is drunk and sleeping, so;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To siphon off some gas to go.

    My shovelhead is prone, I fear
    To stop without a gas pump near
    So far from home out by a lake
    The coldest evening of the year.

    It shuts down hard and gives a shake
    As if to rub in my mistake.
    The only other sound's the weep
    Of fluid dripping from my brake.

    My pocket's empty, dark, and deep,
    But I have gas enough to keep
    Me rolling miles before I sleep,
    So many miles before I sleep.


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      I like snow..... And I'm not sorry to say so.....

      When I was younger, and lived up north.... I lived to ski, basically.... Summer was that boring time between ski seasons.

      Now, snow means a good reason to stay in and get something done. But I like to see it.... and I don't mind shoveling it. I might think differently about it if there were 2 metres of it, but...

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan


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        JMO but I'm not griping in the least about this winter bc contrary to the weather idiots and doomsday predictors its been another pretty typical season. Outside of the past month its been fairly mild weather with little snow and warm weather. We hit 55 once toward the end of January before it turned cold and had quite a few weeks previous in the upper 30s-mid 40s. Yesterday we were surprised with a foot of snow but its supposed to be in the upper 40s by week's end so the snow's likely gonna disappear pretty quick. Previously we had only an inch or so at a time with a melt in between. Other than the past month Ive been walking to work and back, today it was 30F on the way home but the sun was beating down hard so I was sweating with only a jacket over my dress shirt, jeans and poo-kickers.

        Gotta love the midwest for the weather if nothing else....
        "I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer -- born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow."


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          I suppose it's worth mentioning the insulating value of snow.....

          I'd rather see a cold winter WITH snow than without.... Snow cover, besides being the finest way of delivering water to the soil, also insulates it, leading to fewer breakages of water mains (other than under plowed streets), less frost heaving, etc.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            Been cold w/snow since mid-November, usually when I get around to planting garlic, i.e. getting a shovel in the ground.
            Not just snow either, layers of ice and snow.
            Lots of broken records, here. January/February most days below freezing and too many below 0.

            Yeah, the snow cover insulates, keeping some of the critters alive that will be back to pester in greater numbers come spring, if it gets here. More snow then ice, today.

            DP, Bikes don't use much gas, but they gotta have some! DAMHIKT


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              I read somewhere that an unpublished manuscript by the great Seuss has been found. And it includes some number of naked sisters in the story. Wonder if that was for the kiddies?

              Mentally confused and prone to wandering!


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                Krutch--I like that!! Let's see now, what rhymes with sisters---Blisters, misters, resistors, thermisters,
                Brian Rupnow


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                  Snow? Been there! Done that! Have pictures!

                  NOW I have two words for you,

                  SOUTH TEXAS!

                  I have needed my heavy jacket about three days so far this winter. Today was shirt sleeves. I left my snow shovel in Iowa.
                  Paul A.
                  SE Texas

                  Make it fit.
                  You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!


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                    Originally posted by Carm View Post

                    DP, Bikes don't use much gas, but they gotta have some! DAMHIKT
                    Two Harleys, both with rider and passenger, don't get near the passenger miles as a truck with 4 people hauling two Harleys. But - most Harley riders will spend more money per mile on tires and oil changes than gasoline. NALOPKT


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                      I sure didn't. But I never owned a H-D.
                      Supposed to get snow then ice last night. No snow, just ice. Snow tonight.


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                        My personal weather station showed we got down into the low-20's overnight (again). We actually got into the 50's several days ago and I thought briefly about getting my bike out of the garage, but the jet stream hauled in another load of arctic air.


                        It's pretty obvious from the graphs when the sun came out. It's a nice clear and bright morning.

                        We used to call it the jet stream but I guess polar vortex is the (wrong) term of the day. Sounds more scary. It's also called an atmospheric river (wrongly). This is what it looks like.


                        Atmospheric rivers exist but they're not the jet stream - they're streamers that peal away from the jet stream and do contain a huge amount of water. They're an important part of how the weather moves tropical energy to the poles.
                        Last edited by dp; 03-04-2015, 12:09 PM.


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                          Had to turn the air conditioners on this morning.
                          Paul A.
                          SE Texas

                          Make it fit.
                          You can't win and there IS a penalty for trying!


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                            Originally posted by Paul Alciatore View Post
                            Had to turn the air conditioners on this morning.
                            I'll quit bitchin'. I was offshore Mustang Island in the '78 heatwave, the radio kept reporting people dying in Brownsville.


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                              Today was the first day above freezing since the 24th of January. This February has been the coldest in 117 years. Lots of frozen pipes.
                              Duffy, Gatineau, Quebec