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I could really use some wiring help.....please:)

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  • I could really use some wiring help.....please:)

    I took apart the motor on my new to me lathe. I take stuff apart all the time and I know to take lots of pics. Every once in a while I tell myself "it's not to much to remember, I don't need to take pics". Well I'm always wrong when I think this. Now I'm ready to put this back together and I can't remember for the life of me how to wire it up. This is what I have.
    115/230 ( I want 115v)

    Three sets of windings. Two run and a start.
    Capacitor, klixon thermal overload(w/ 3 contact points) and a cent. switch.
    It will be hooked to a furnas reversing switch. The switch shouldn't be a problem. There's lots of wiring info online. I need to get the motor internals hooked back up. The motor is cleaned, painted and ready to put back together. I'd post pics but I can't. Guess I haven't been here long enough.
    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this configuration? Any help would be appreciated.

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    You need to insert pictures hosted elsewhere, like Read the sticky thread on posting images. When we see the pictures, we can offer help.
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      Commonly, motors like that are set up with 6 wires.

      if that's your motor, and it is numbered standardly, numbers 5 and 8 are the start winding, the one you reverse to reverse the motor. One run winding is 1 and 2, the other 3 and 4.

      For 115VAC, you connect 1 & 3 together, and then 2 & 4 together. Each pair goes to a mains wire, along with a start winding wire. For clockwise rotation facing the shaft, start winding 5 goes to 2&4 , while 8 goes to 1&3. For reverse rotation, swap 5 and 8.

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        With the info given, it is basic. For 115vac connect the run windings in parallel. The start winding is connected also in parallel but has the cent. switch in series. To change rotation, swap ends of start winding.
        The windings may be identified using an ohmmeter.

        Pictures may help.


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          Hashim is correct. Click here: and look at figure 18 and figure 19. Your reversing switch will swap leads 5 and 8.

          The thermal overload interrupts L1.


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            Hashim is a squash player.



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              Glad you told me I was too scared to ask!
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                But I am not sure about Jerry's numbers.
                I think they are his winning powerball lottery picks or something.



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                  I thought those were Hashim's numbers.


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                    They are an intelligence test..... the first part of that is to notice that they are not always the same. First one to reply in same language gets the prize..... which is worldwide recognition..... right here.

                    Mr Khan has no plural in that quote..... your interpretation may vary, for personal reasons, I suppose.... !

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