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OT: Best file manager/host for website

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  • OT: Best file manager/host for website

    I know there are some smart web type programmer geeks here and I am not a member of any type of web publishing etc. type of forums so I thought I would give my questions a shot here first.
    I have a couple applications I wrote that I would like to host for downloading for some of my biodiesel peeps.
    I would like to be able to track the number of downloads of any particular file too.
    I have a Hostpappa basic website which comes with some free tools such as eXtplorer (
    It appears that this will do what I want, other then tracking the number of DL's but I am thinking that I could probably do that with some of the built in logging apps that come with hostpappa?
    It looks as though I just need to create a public folder with a chmod 777 for permissions and then anybody can download them, though I am just getting into learning about this...
    I am in new waters here and sailing blind so any advice on what I should be looking at or where I should be reading about this sort of thing would be appreciated!

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    I have been using as a web host, and they have many free tools for monitoring activity. It may be useful to learn UNIX or LINUX commands, as that is the core OS for most sites. You may also look into server side scripting, using tools such as PERL or PHP to create scripts which run on the server. Your web pages can be enhanced using advanced HTML and JavaScript, which runs on the user's machine.

    You don't want 777 for file permissions, as that will give public access to write to the directory and change or delete files. 755 is safer, and allows public read and execute (for PHP scripts), but does not allow write access. There is also a .HTACCESS file you may need to add to folders which allows or disallows certain actions, such as a directory listing. I use simply:
    Options +Indexes

    When I was doing a lot more with PHP, JavaScript, and Webmaster activities, I used the corresponding Usenet newsgroups for questions and discussion. There are many very knowledgeable people there, but they do not "suffer fools lightly" and some of them can be condescending and abrasive toward newbies, so be forewarned. Just do a bit of research first and then ask about what you don't understand, and they will be glad to help.
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      You can use PC tools like FileZilla and Fetch to manage remote files. The host may also provide a web-based file manager that just uses your browser. The web logs should be made available to you either as a raw log or as a compiled report. No guarantees how the reports might be presented so raw log files would be better for your purposes. Some hosts allow querying your logs which can also give you easy access to the data you need.


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        Check out

        They are a small time operation, and offer very personalized service. Have had my website with them for 4 years, mostly to have a fixed email address, and they host the new website for out blacksmith group. is now up, and will be 'full on' by June. The forum software is next...

        It's run by a ham radio operator, so I figgured if I have to give my money to someone, I might as well spend it with someone that has similar interests.

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          Thanks for the advice gentlemen!
          I am happy with hostpappa and am not looking for another host.
          I know how to manually add files by editing the index.html and so forth.
          I was just hoping there was a nice script like Gallery2 is for pictures, it makes it easy to upload/download pictures and keeps track of all the statistics for each picture, something similar would be nice for file hosting.
          I am well versed in FTP hosting and setup but I want something people can just navigate to in their browser and download.
          I think I will just set it up manually for now and do some more homework


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            Google analytics

            Appearance is Everything...


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              Well, now that we can suspect you have access to php there is a very simple script you install. It has just a tiny amount of configuration you can do with any text editor to make it work on your server, but once that is done you can copy it to multiple folders on your host account.


              When the visitor opens the script it crawls the directory it is in looking for images. It then creates logical thumbnails and an indexed page of images. If more pages are needed then it creates links to those pages. These are also logical as the script is the only thing in the folder besides the images. As they say, a picture is worth a bazillion words, so here is an example of my Schwinn cruiser restoration I have on my server. All the images are clickable, a self-created slide show is featured, and you can see it has a download link as well. Individual images can be right-clicked to bring up the default browser download menu option. This has just the one page, but as stated, new page links are created as needed.


              Your only task is to upload your images into topically or other organized folder and then upload a copy of the script. If you rename the script to index.php the server will locate it automatically when the visitor opens a URL with the destination folder in it. It can't be made more simple.


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                That is pretty slick dp, thanks. If I get fed up with using Gallery I will be installing this.
                Will it work with video clips too?
                I guess I could modify the script to work the applications I want to host but its not really ideal for what I want to do with the files...


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                  It just does images as written. Be sure you're using the newest version of Gallery2 because earlier version were easy to hack into. If you allow anonymous comments you'll get them from all over the world, each with a special message to your visitors to visit the best little porn shops in the web. There are two ways to install it - with and without database support, and it's much faster and easier to clean up the messes with the database rather than flat files.