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Moore #3 jig bore

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  • Moore #3 jig bore

    I have recently received a Moore #3 jig bore. It is in excellent condition. Manny years ago I used a Moore jig grinder but never a bore. We got no tooling with this machine so that is an issue. I'm looking for suggestions about utilizing this machine. My question seems to be: Is this used just for precise hole location and size or are there other uses for it.
    Accuracy on this machine is amazing and it is massive.
    Thanks for any input .

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    What style ways does it have, dovetail or inverted Vee?
    If the latter, light milling only.
    Probably has no quill lock either.
    "Accuracy on this machine is amazing and it is massive. "


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      We have a Moore jig bore and two jig grinders where I am employed. Beautiful machines. We really only use the jig bore for precision measurement, a non-digital CMM, if you will... but to my knowledge, the purpose of either is to make accurately-placed, high-precision holes. I would not abuse one by milling with it.


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        Precision layout and boring of holes.
        The shortest distance between two points is a circle of infinite diameter.

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