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  • Getting into Milling

    So I'm planning on getting a bench top mill for my home shop some time this year. But i know basically nothing about milling, back in high school we were taught a little bit about machining but you forget a lot in 8 years. Is there good videos on you tube about learning how to run a mill.?

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    Search You Tube for mrpete222. I don't know the specific video to look for, but he has a lot of them, and you will find a lot of good information. mrpete222 is a machine shop instructor who also calls himself Tubal Cain. Once you find a video on the subject, it will link to others.

    Here is a link for the Sherline mill how-to page.

    And for Taig.

    :// chrome..69i57.9158j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&i e=UTF-8#q=Taig+milling+machine+guide+
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      Also look at Tom's Techniques and Open Source Machine Tools.

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        There are a couple of milling machine courses available on the web. Search for these names.

        Darry Holland
        MIT shop training
        Rudt Kouhoupt

        There are more.
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          The tubalcain videos are good. More lathe videos than milling videos it seems. His index is here
          I liked the Mit videos. They covered a lot of good basics.

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            Thanks for the links guys.


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              Those MIT videos mentioned above are excellent.